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| November 19, 2009

  • Back from Carnage. Great con. Played in:

    • The Unexplained. Lots of fun. Bought it.
    • Heavy Gear Blitz. Decent, but likely won’t pick up yet another minis game. I’m not going to say it’s better or worse than Battletech – just different. Battletech is shoot, shoot, shoot, now you’re in arm’s reach, and you beat the crap out of each other. Heavy Gear is more shooting and less melee.
    • Battlestar Galactica Board Game Great game. Very dynamic.
  • Been sick with the seasonal flu. Got better. Mostly. Have this nagging cough which is bothering me. But, feeling a little better each day.

  • A guy emailed me asking about his website. WTF? Well, apparently there is another Matt Caron, who owns, and this guy was looking for web design. Of course, I go look at the site, and I’m like “gack! You need a website redesign, so instead of just doing it, you put up a witty placeholder?” So unprofessional. I didn’t even do that when I redesigned this site, and it’s just a hobby/personal site, not something for a business. But, this ia one of the problems with the state of the industry today. Surprising that anything works.

  • A friend sent me this very amusing video clip.

Writer's Block: In the Event of a Zombie Emergency

| August 6, 2008


Plus I have about a month's worth of food and a source of running water.

Still here

| June 13, 2007

We got a large group of them at about 3. The 30-06 ammo is mostly gone, but man, that rifle can shoot. I was taking them coming over the hill (250m), and once they got to the garage it just got easy. I've been loading AK mags during the slack times, but we've still got plenty of 7.62×39. I've been using whatever is in mags, then reloading it with FMJ with the idea that I'll save the JHP. We've been saving the shotgun ammo because it's a much better zombie stopper up close.


  • Zombies smell
  • Cats don't like zombies
  • Wearing shooting muffs w/ the amplifying microphone cutout doodads is useful. You can shoot but still hear each other talk.
  • Brass all over the place makes a mess. Good thing the floor is tile.

It seems to be slacking off. Not sure what gives. I'd check on the neighbors, but it's dark already, and I don't want to head out in the dark. Liz and I went out to the garage and got the lights turned on, so we have more warning at night. Plus, we turned on the rest of the lights around the house.

The glass is actually okay. Despite the way too many windows, we've been pretty successful at keeping them away from the glass. There are a couple of cracked ones, but nothing too major.

Liz and I will have to sleep in shifts, if we can.

Met the neighbors

| June 13, 2007

Found what to do with that .45ACP ammo. One of the neighbors is an avid hunter and has a .45 for home defense. I traded him 1000 rounds for about 500 more 12ga 00 buck shells which will work in the shotgun. The other neighbor doesn't shoot much, but they have a .22 and not much ammo, so I gave him what was left of a box of Winchester Wildcats. Unfortunately, it's all I could spare.

The power is still on and we've saved up some water. Of course, after we did this I remembered that the well is artesian and fills about half a gallon per minute, so we do have long term running water.

More thoughts:

  • The AK is pretty much useless past 100m.
  • Close in rifles need holographic sites. Snap shots take too long.
  • You can take zombies with a .22. It just takes several of them in the head. However, the 10/22 is good for that at distance, and what else am I going to do with the .22 ammo?
  • They seem to mostly be coming in from the road, they don't like to come over the stream or through the dense woods.
  • We've seen no police, but heard some sirens an hour ago.
  • I saw some helicopters and jets, but not more than that.
  • I called my in laws. They're okay and have joined up with the neighbors on the street. They're pretty much all on the fire dept, and there is a retired policeman on the street as well. So, they should be fine.
  • I haven't been able to get hold of my folks, but that doesn't really mean anything.

Stay alive, folks.

Interesting morning

| June 13, 2007


The cats went nuts around 3am, and were hissing and carrying on. I could hear something moving out by the garage, so I grabbed the SAR-1 and a flashlight (really need to get myself a surefire, or that new one which is like 400 lumens) and went to the window to investigate. Someone was out front, I kid you not, eating on my front lawn. I called out, and he looked up, and I realized that this guy was messed up. He was eating a rabbit, and looked like death warmed over. I went back into the house, locked the door, woke Liz and started to close the windows. By then he was shambling over to the deck. I had flipped on the lights on the porch and could get a better look and something clicked… “Zombie”. Ran to an open window, put two rounds into his head at about 3m and he went down. Looked like a lone actor, but I'm not sure. I left the lights on, closed the windows, and secured everything as best as I could until daylight.

Tactically, I'm in an odd situation. We have food, water, clear fields of fire. On the downside, half my guns are still in Rhode Island (thanks NY State!), which leaves me with only one serious rifle. I've got a .22 which is good out to 100 yards, but I only have 500 rounds of HV hollowpoints, plus another 500 of match grade wolf. I have a pile of 7.62×39 to keep the AK going, but I wish I had picked up that polytech SKS at the gun store last week. We have a 12ga shotgun too, but I only have about 200 shells for it, and only 50 in 0 or 00 buck.

I'm hearing scattered shots coming from around, but that isn't unusual. I have to head out and try to make contact with the neighbors, make sure my flanks are protected. I'll write back when I can.

Zombies and the end of the world as we know it

| May 6, 2007

This is mostly as an unsolicited recommendation directed at , but I figured I'd post it here in case other folks are interested.

Tales from the Afternow Darker Projects

Darker projects has a bunch of stuff – zombies, horror, science fiction, etc. All of it is done very well.


| May 2, 2007

A nifty flash Zombie Videogame which is worth a mention.

Fighting zombies on a budget

| March 20, 2006

This was originally an article on the Zombie Squad forums, but you have to login to see it, so I grabbed the content and chucked it on to my homepage.