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Got OwnCloud video working… mostly.

| February 5, 2014

This little project has turned into a bit of a crash course of the state of video on the web, and I uncovered a couple of bugs with ownCloud along the way.

The first thing you may notice is that I’m not embedding them in to this page. The reason is that, due to a latent bug in ownCloud, were I to do so, it wouldn’t work.

I also fixed an issue where it would make the videos appear too large on small screens, and submitted a patch to fix that. It is already live on my instance of ownCloud, so you should notice no such issue.

Now, all that said, I’m not using any funny players (at least, not intentionally – there may be other players on ownCloud of which I’m not aware), just straight HTML5 video tags. The video format I’m using is Ogg Theora, which is Well Supported. So, if it doesn’t work for you, then you’re likely either using a very old browser or IE. In both cases, the solution is to upgrade your browser, I think. Further, I found an HTML5 compatibility tests to see how your browser fares.

Anyway, having sat through all of that, now you get videos of cats.

Mikey reacts to Liz’s alarm

Mikey on the prowl in the woods

Heidi coming out to meet me

Edit: Despite the browser support claiming that it is supported, apparently that does not include on Android. Further, apparently Ogg Theora is not supported on Android at all. So, I did go back and check to see how well h.264 works and the answer is.. not well. The above are all full HD (1920×1080) lossy encoded video, which basically doesn’t work on my Android tablet (ASUS TF101 running 4.2.2.). I can get them to work, but only at really low resolution, and for really small samples. I’m not willing to force such a low quality to support mobile devices, especially since video on those devices is (in my experience) pretty hit or miss without a custom app like YouTube and Netflix have). I realize that this tablet is a few years old at this point, so it may be that more modern machines have the horsepower to decode HD h.264 videos, All that said, I’m going to switch to h.264, as it seems about as compatible as Ogg Theora on the desktop, and is more compatible on mobile and embedded devices. However, I’m not going to compromise on the quality settings, so the videos still may not work if your device isn’t powerful enough. I have updated the above according to this logic.

If anyone has suggestions as to settings which would make my h.264 .m4v’s more compatible, I’d love to hear them.

Random (live) critterpics….

| October 12, 2013

Got your tail!

Got your tail!

Rowr! I'm fierce!

Rowr! I’m fierce!



Socks has two modes - this one, and causing trouble.

Socks has two modes – this one, and causing trouble.

And here’s some video of socks and diesel.

If you listen very carefully, she does her cute “chirp” right at the beginning. I try to get her to do it later in the video (hence why I keep saying “Socks” in that odd pitch – she seems to respond to that better), but she’s being shy.

Chickens, almost grown up

| September 23, 2013

As a follow on to my earlier post, the little peepers are now outside, mostly integrated with the rest of the birds (they aren’t getting pecked, but the older chickens tend to roam more, where these younger ones stay close to the coop and in a bundle). So, here’s some video of them.

Of note – this is shot on my birthday present from Liz – an Olympus TG-820. It’s waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, 12MP, 5x optical zoom, shoots 1080p video and has a microphone, so I’ll actually record audio. It also has a pile of fancy shooting modes which set up the camera for a variety of different scenarios, and it has an HDR mode which I’ve been playing with, taking pictures of miniatures (which I will likely post later).

The idea with the camera, in a general sense, is that it’s a small(ish) camera (it’s larger than a smartphone – which I don’t have, but smaller than my first digital camera) that’s easy enough to slip into a cargo pocket. By being waterproof, we can take it kayaking and such, and by being shockproof, I’m more likely to actually carry it with me.

Peep peep peep!

| June 11, 2013

(You’ll have to make the sounds yourself, because apparently all my technology is old. My point and shoot camera doesn’t do audio with its video, I don’t have a smartphone, and my tablet’s camera sucks. I could steal Liz’s camcorder, but then I’d have to pull the stuff off it via firewire, but new laptop doesn’t have that – only USB 3.0 – for firewire, I’d need to use my desktop (because it has a firewire add on card).

But, anyway.. PEEPS!