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Updated kids picture gallery

| August 11, 2015

Max and Miles – 2015

It’s now updated through August 2015, and has pictures of the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Babies’ first Cabelas

| June 25, 2015

On the way back from a graduation in VA (much fun was had by all, but it is a loooong drive) we stopped by 嘉盛外汇 Cabelas in Hamburg, PA. This was the boys’ first trip. They didn’t quite know what to make of it.

Catching up….

| June 2, 2014

So, yeah, we had company up for the weekend of May 3rd, and then Liz and I did our Mothers’ day brunch on the weekend of the 10th (and my folks were able to come up for that, and to visit with the boys) and the following weekend (May 17th) we were in Newburyport, MA for a baby shower. (As an aside, if you’re ever looking for a cute New England town to hang out in, the Essex Street Inn is a nice accommodation right in the center of town, and they serve a continental breakfast. Plus, there’s plenty to see, walking around, seeing the shops, walking up the coast, etc. Also of note, Not Your Average Joes has a pretty extensive gluten free menu.

The next weekend back (the 24th) was memorial day, and we had to do a big grocery shopping on Saturday. Sunday, we hung out with Liz’s cousin, as they were having a cookout. Monday, I needed to get out and mow the lawn before it got even longer (I likely should have done it the weekend of Mothers’ day, but.. well, it was Mothers’ day, and we had company). Anyway, it still took me about 8 hours to mow it all, the main reason for that was that I weeded the strawberries so that I could put the grass clippings down as weed control. The strawberries did well over the winter, and did not all get over grown (which is what happened when I tried to plant some strawberries in that spot a couple of years ago).

Of course, by the time we finished with that list of activities, the weather had warmed up sufficiently that we aren’t really concerned with planting things in the garden. Peas go in early, and my father in law was generous enough to help with that, but everything else we need to be careful when we put in, as we often get frost up until the second week of June. So, Liz and her Dad put in the lettuce and corn last week, and Liz worked on weeding and mulching about the front garden, completing about half. This weekend, I got her more mulch and played with the boys in the grass out front as she finished the rest of it. I also got the last of the fields tilled, so now they’re all ready for the seedlings which will be planted in roughly the following order:

  • Pumpkins
  • Squash
  • Cucumbers
  • Hot peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • All the other random herbs. (This order is determined by a combination of how large the seedlings currently are, and how frost resistant that plant is – the Pumpkins, Squash and Cukes are pretty hardy, and are currently huge).

We also need to plant the carrots, as I prepped the bed for them this weekend as well. Since carrots take so long to germinate, we use a raised bed (to keep seed infiltration to a minimum) and I fill it with about 2/3rds compost and top dress that with some sterile growing medium or potting soil. It worked well last year, and by virtue of the compost being freshly turned, it is well aerated and easily pushed out of the way by the carrots.

I also upgraded my laptop to Xubuntu 14.04; as always, my install procedure can be found on my GitHub.

On the video game front, I finished X-Com: Enemy Unknown, and am playing a bit of the highly addictive Civilization V. I wasn’t playing on a super easy difficulty (I think I went with “normal”), and, as a result, my civilization is essentially comprised of a few cities surrounded by large empires.

This version is slightly different – happiness can’t be bought off with structures as easily as with previous versions, and trade is immensely more important. It’s different than I’m used to, but that’s not to say that it’s bad – it just took some time for me to learn the new rules. I suppose if I restarted, I would do better, but I’m getting a little bored with it and want to get back to coming up with Savage Worlds Showdown stats for a pile of the miniatures I own.

So, that gets everyone up to speed with what is going on in my world right now. I very much want to blog about other topics (continuing my gaming stories, talking about eBooks and some other topics), but have not yet had the time. Hopefully, by putting down Civ V, I will.

A few honeymoon pics

| September 9, 2006

These are the more.. peculiar ones.

First, for , we have “Purple Cows, Alaska Style”:

Purple Moose

Then, we have a rather, interestingly named outreach program:

Glory Hole Sign

But, it's legit – it's a service of the Juneau Cooperative Christian Ministry

Glory Hole Poster

Update from Cali

| January 16, 2004

It's been a long two days. Crash course in SCO history, IRC style

So, I had a long series of meetings yesterday and today, and one of them culminated in me going toe to toe in heated discussion with our divisional president (the division that does about 90 million in sales a year) over open source stuff. It actually was productive – he argued well, made good points, and I think a lot of it is playing devil's advocate. However, he LISTENED, and he's one of the first people at this company to do that. Anyway, I think it scared some of the more conservative engineers in the group – the man could have fired me, kicked me out of the meeting, etc. and instead he actually sat there and we tried to convince each other for like half an hour. After the meeting, several people remarked at how surprised they were that he actually kept talking to me, and how I could have gotten myself into a lot of trouble. They're right. But, I'm too young and too mobile to bite my tongue when I have an idea. I'm not going to knuckle under, either. In all, I think it was productive, and I feel good about it. I also need to send him an email and tell him that I appreciate him listening.

Last night was an party at a Greek restaurant. It was okay. I drank pretty heavily – 3 whiskey sours and an old fashioned, which is a lot for me. Made me happy and pleasant. Tonight was similar, we went up to Santa Barbara and hit a good mexican place and 4 engineers drank 2 pitchers of margaritas. So, we were happy. Then we took a walk down the wharf and came back home.

Mikey and Arthur Mikey and Arthur Liz got some fresh catnip Arthur and catnip Time to go to bed.

Live from Cali

| January 13, 2004

Weather is warm – 60's-70's and sunny. LA is a smoggy, dirty city. I cannot believe that people grow up and live and die here. We headed north, out of the city, up the Pacific Coastal highway. That was nice. Lots of interesting houses up on the hill. Of course, I have no idea why people build on these hills – they're basically just a hard clay. Lots of erosion-prevention measures and all that. Ridonculous. We stopped at a place called Duke's for Lunch/Supper. Not bad.

The plane ride was okay. Long, but uneventful, save for the woman with the two screaming children, one of whom didn't make it to the bathroom in time and pissed himself and wasn't even supposed to be on the flight. How about that for security – they let her get on the wrong plane!

In other news:

MS recovery 12 step program (old but good).

SCO shows the code. Funny “millions of lines” fits on 60 pages….

Kodak to stop selling film cameras in the US.


Mikey and Arthur