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On school shootings

| February 21, 2018

“five of these incidents have occurred over the past five-plus years since 2013, claiming the lives of 27 victims (17 at Parkland)”


So, that’s an average of 5.4 fatalities per year.

Firearms homicides in the US average around 15,000 per year.


This means school shootings are 0.03% of firearms homicides per year.

So, you ask, if it’s such a small problem, why is it getting so much attention vs the more workaday crimes like drug gangs shooting it out on urban streets?

For that, I look to history, and ask this question – why is marijuana illegal?

The answer is here:

The TL;DR is a cooperation of interests, which result in:

  1. Expansion of government power (Anslinger and the DEA)
  2. Selling newspapers (Hearst)
  3. Chemical industry (Dow, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers)

So, flip back to today – school shootings and calls for gun control easily tick the boxes for (1) and (2). Not sure there is a (3) in this gambit, but I have some theories about industry players trying to solidify their hold on government contracts by reducing competition, even though it means sacrificing the civilian market.

Wake up – you’re being manipulated to ignore the elephant in the room that is gun violence resulting from the war on drugs, because that serves the purposes of the statists – it justifies their increased militarization of police forces, surveillance, and so forth, so they’re not going to do anything to stop that anytime soon. All they’d have to do is just end it. Look at how rapidly the violence ended once alcohol prohibition was repealed. The same thing would happen with drugs. But, they don’t want that. Not government, not big pharma.

You are being played.