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President vs. Prime Minister

| January 19, 2017

I just realized something.. this whole.. disagreement about the recent election has a lot to do with how strangely we do things in this country.

In other countries, they tend to have a President (who handles the diplomatic and statesman-type stuff) and a Prime Minister (who is a policy wonk and does all the beancounter-y stuff). We smush those two together.

Obama was a president.

Hillary Clinton would have been a president.

Trump is no president – but he’d make a decent Prime Minister.

You can disagree on their views, for sure, but I think it’s clear that Clinton’s platform was very focused on the nation as a political entity, and our position on the world stage as viewed from that lens. Trump, on the other hand, is focused on the nation as an economic entity – dollars and cents and the like.

President vs. Prime Minister.

Rex Tillerson

| January 11, 2017

So, I’ve been thinking about this and, given that the Secretary of State is basically the Secretary of “initiate regime change and unrest in a country or regioin so we can take their oil” these days, maybe Tillerson is a good choice here. I mean, as an industry insider, he knows where all the best oil is, right?


| January 10, 2017

So, over the holidays, the US, UK and Germany each passed their own MiniTrue acts. Old media will be regulated by the government (who can then decide what the truth is) and a lot of the new media will be treated like old media, or, possibly, just go away.

I have to wonder, though, how much of this is going to matter. I mean, folks could still get their news through the darknet or other sources. Perhaps old-school sneakernet of USB thumb drives? It definitely raises the bar, but most folks don’t really want to be plugged in anyway.

Still, it seems like the vestiges of an old regime trying to cling to power. “The more you tighten your grip.. the more systems [err, people], slip through your fingers”. I wonder if we’re seeing the death spasms of the western powers. I’d like to think they’d be replaced with something better, but I fear that won’t be the case – at least, not in short order. I mean, when Rome fell, the period that followed was called the dark ages for a reason.


| January 4, 2017

So, it’s all yeecheyed up now because of the rain, but, on Saturday, we did have a good amount of snow and got Miles out in it and convinced him to walk around, play and go down the hill on a sled. He also asked to go back out and play on Sunday. Woot! Max was less interested, but he’s been sick and just kind of wants to stay inside and play with his toys. I get that.

Anyway, link to some snow pics (and, eventually, videos):