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On Post Capitalism…

Posted By on August 19, 2015

I found this article to be interesting.. Some thoughts:

  1. As a general case, what he calls “post capitalist” I call “post scarcity”.
  2. He says

    It will need the state to create the framework – just as it created the framework for factory labour, sound currencies and free trade in the early 19th century.

    Why does the state need to even be involved at all, aside from staying out of the way and letting things progress in an organic distributed fashion? If you’re talking about not locking things up as property and focusing on sharing of data, then you don’t need state institutions to facilitate this – you have existing ones to handle resolution of disputes of physical property, but if data is to be open and shared, you don’t need this for the virtual. So, what is the role of the state in this?

  3. This is wrong:

    They have not yet had the same impact as the Black Death – but as we saw in New Orleans in 2005, it does not take the bubonic plague to destroy social order and functional infrastructure in a financially complex and impoverished society.

    Order broke down when the government swooped in and took away the guns that people were using to protect life and property. By disarming the folks keeping order, disorder followed. The government doesn’t keep order. The general citizenry, which has a respect for order and property rights, does.

    Further, legislation designed to protect people (by preventing “price gouging”) caused the government to stop supplies from flowing in to the affected areas (so people wouldn’t be taken advantage of) leading to supply shortages. Just allowing the market to respond would have resulted in goods moved to where they need to be.


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