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Reflecting on my previous post….

Posted By on March 16, 2015

So, I was looking at raising the minimum wage all wrong. It’s freakin’ brilliant… Think about it..

First, you get a whole lot of people to like you for raising the minimum wage. In the case of Cuomo, who is angling for the White House, this gets you some serious political capital if you want to run on a populist ticket.

Then, once all these people are priced out of the market, not only do you take no blame (because you can always blame “technology” or “management” or “the one percent”), but you can ride in and save them with social programs that help them retrain or just flat out support them because, remember – they weren’t priced out of the marketplace by poor economic policies. No. they were let go because of evil bosses who replace workers with machines because, you know, they’re mean and hate people, or some other weird nutty crap.


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