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The NY twilight zone

| February 27, 2015

So, not to be outdone by California, the Governor Cuomo has announced a SUNY policy to combat sexual assault, which includes “a statewide definition of affirmative consent”. So, colleges are apparently different than all the rest of the state – not that this is a surprise, really. I mean, colleges have different gun and free speech laws, why not coital consent?

Then, I get this one about New York’s failing schools. Now, there are some schools that are doing poorly; I have no problem addressing this. However, this is how they’re going to address it: “To address this problem, we’re proposing a model that worked in Massachusetts, where when a school fails for 3 years, a nonprofit, another school district, or a turnaround expert must take over the school.” So, yeah, a private option isn’t even on the table. Allowing a private school option, or a for-profit school option, isn’t an option.

And, finally, there was this story. Now, if we assume this isn’t just a cover-up, there are a variety of things wrong with it.

  1. Why the HELL did the state outsource email to MS’s cloud? I mean, I can see not really worrying about data confidentiality, as it’s all public anyway, but do you really want your email held for ransom on MS’s servers?
  2. 90 day email deletion policy? Really? Are you really that space constrained? I mean, I’ve got my personal emails going back 15 years, and it only uses 6.1G. With a 3TB hard drive being $80, that means 6.1G costs a whopping.. 16 cents. Heck, it looks like NY state has about 300,000 employees. So, the average busy person gets about 140 emails per day, and if we assume these are hugely quoted threads heavily HTML-ed and all that, we’ll say they’re maybe 100KB per, this means that the average person is getting 12MB per day, which is about 4GB per year, which, for all the employees, is 1171TB of storage per year (across all servers), which is 390 3TB hard drives @ $80 each, which gives us $31,226 in email storage per year. MY SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GROUP PAID MORE THAN THAT IN TAXES and I think it’s fair to suggest that we’d feel that keeping these emails basically forever is a very effective use of that money. But, you know, then we might learn something about the festering cesspool of corruption that is Albany. I mean, I’m not surprised, I just wish they wouldn’t insult everyone’s intelligence by being so blatant about it.

And why the HELL are there 300,000 state employees? That’s about as many as GE, and it doesn’t include our local Sheriff (that’s county) or county highway, etc.

From the back of the miniatures shelves….

| February 26, 2015

So, back in college and immediately after, I used to play Warhammer 40k (3rd Edition). I had Marines and Tau armies. Then I stopped, because I moved, and the minis sat, and sat, and sat. My mother also played, running a Sisters of Battle army. She stopped shortly after 4th edition came out because her gaming group got burned out on 40k and started playing Flames of War.

I’d been looking for some rules to run 40k, and not finding any, and had started writing my own, but the going was, of course, slow. Then I came across One Page Rules, which has rules for 40K and Fantasy in both battle and skirmish scales, as well as fantasy football and full contact racing cars. The rules are tight, simple to understand, supported by the heroic efforts of an author who simply goes by OnePage Anon, with lots of helpful folks on their forums.

It took me about half an hour to read and grok the rules. In another hour or so, I’d done up a basic Tau list. My mom visited and it took us about 2 hours to do up a list for her (mainly because she was being a super power gamer who had to obsessively tweak her list to optimized for exactly 1500 points).

I had planned to take pictures as the turns progressed, but totally forgot, so this is a picture of the end of Turn 2 from different angles. Those, and a play-by-play, are below the more…

Now, readers will know that Liz will play Warmachine, but Warhammer was just too boring for her. We’ll see how she likes these rules, but she didn’t recoil in horror watching Mom and I play…


Updated pics again…

| February 26, 2015

Only added about half a dozen, but they are now up to date through mid February and include some pictures of them playing in the snow.

Gallery link.