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Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

Posted By on June 26, 2014

So, I’ve been dark because I’ve been using my free time to play through this. Excellent scenario. Every time I thought I was about to be finished, there was another turn in the road. It had very much of a classic Shadowrun feel of not knowing whom to trust, and had a lot of ethical dilemmas.

I won’t go in to the spoilers, but it’s currently on sale on steam, and is well worth the $7.50 for the base game and $9 for Dragonfall expansion. This means you’d get to play through the base adventure Dead Man’s Switch (which felt short and left me wanting more) and Dragonfall was of a pleasant length and depth.

There is also a lot of fan created content, of varying quality. I played a bit of one, but then my brother got me X-Com: Enemy Unknown (which, BTW is now apparently available for Linux too), and that distracted me. So, it has a decent amount of new content to keep it playable. Oh, and it’s available for Linux as well. More games on Linux makes me a happy boy.

Anyway, despite getting the Wasteland 2 and Warmachine: Tactics betas, I’m likely going to work on non-videogame stuff for awhile (likely picking up my Showdown: 40K conversion project again, with perhaps a slight deviation into Firestorm Armada house rules for Star Trek ships), and will pick up the next video game (likely Wasteland 2) when I get tired of that.


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