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| September 26, 2013

So, for those who read this blog but I’m not in out of band contact – I have news.

Liz and I are having twin boys, due in January.

As such, we’ve (and by we, I mean, mostly Liz, as I’ve been working with the garden) have been working on the nursery.


  • Names?
    • Miles Adam and Max Armand
  • Do twins run in the family?
    • Yes, but that’s not really relevant, since they’re fraternal.
  • How’s Liz doing?
    • Good. She was a little sick at first, but is now just enjoying quilting, working on the nursery, and being pregnant.
  • Will you be posting ultrasound pics?
    • No. I think the only people who like those are parents and grandparents. Everyone else thinks they’re creepy.

Anyway, nursery pictures:

Changes to galleries

| September 26, 2013

After several years of having it in this blog, I’ve decided that lighbox gallery is silly, especially on mobile devices.

Also, small thumbnails are somewhat annoying.

So, I’m going back to the stock WordPress gallery, and will be setting the default sizes of everything to one step larger. For new posts, thumbnails will be 300×300, “medium” will be 600×600 and “large” will be 1200×1200. This is because I typically post “large” images, which means no headroom. So, I’ll switch to medium, and have the option to do large. Also, the gallery behavior for new posts will be that clicking through will bring up the full sized image, but already existing posts will do whatever they were originally configured to do (likely the attachment page, as it was the default).

Edit: I put the thumbnails back, because 1200×1200 doesn’t work. See, the CSS is fixed width, so the 600 pixel wide images fit fine, but the 1200 pixel wide ones blow the margins. The rest of this post still applies.

Playing with new camera

| September 24, 2013

So, my Mom was up last weekend, and she, Liz and I played Warmachine for the first time in quite awhile (months? I honestly don’t remember). Anyway, since Liz got me that cool camera, I took some pictures while playing with the HDR mode. I also bought a miniature tripod – the idea being that I can put the camera on the table and on a 2 second delay so I can keep the camera really steady.

Anyway, photos. (Edit I reworked this to have larger versions of all the pictures, rather than using the gallery. Clicking on them will bring up the full size version, which are about 5MB each).

Chickens, almost grown up

| September 23, 2013

As a follow on to my earlier post, the little peepers are now outside, mostly integrated with the rest of the birds (they aren’t getting pecked, but the older chickens tend to roam more, where these younger ones stay close to the coop and in a bundle). So, here’s some video of them.

Of note – this is shot on my birthday present from Liz – an Olympus TG-820. It’s waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, 12MP, 5x optical zoom, shoots 1080p video and has a microphone, so I’ll actually record audio. It also has a pile of fancy shooting modes which set up the camera for a variety of different scenarios, and it has an HDR mode which I’ve been playing with, taking pictures of miniatures (which I will likely post later).

The idea with the camera, in a general sense, is that it’s a small(ish) camera (it’s larger than a smartphone – which I don’t have, but smaller than my first digital camera) that’s easy enough to slip into a cargo pocket. By being waterproof, we can take it kayaking and such, and by being shockproof, I’m more likely to actually carry it with me.


| September 22, 2013

So, at long last, I’ve finished recategorizing all my old imported LJ posts so that now when you go to (for example), you’ll get all the posts I’ve tagged with photos, not just the ones since 2008 (when I did the big changeover).

I still need to move over all the web pages, but there are both fewer of them and it’s more complicated.