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| September 20, 2011

So, when Netflix basically doubled their prices, I was cool with it. It was a heck of a deal, and I looked at it as “we’ve been getting the streaming stuff as an extended beta for free, and now we have to pay for it”. Even if I wasn’t being so generous, there’s also the idea that with more money, they can get me more content. So, I’m fine with it.

And then they pull this crap. Splitting up the services so they don’t integrate anymore, loses their “try it on streaming and if you can’t find it fall back to physical media” value proposition. Further, it opens up the new streaming-only Netflix to increased competition from streaming-only services. The value the unified Netflix brought was the one-stop shopping. With this split, I could see myself quite easily keeping Qwikster and dropping Netflix in favor of Amazon video or similar – or possibly dropping both.

Of course, I would have commented on their blog, except you can’t, because it’s not a real blog – it’s Facebook, and you can’t comment without a Facebook account, which I don’t have, because Facebook sucks.