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Back from an unscheduled trip to Rhode Island

| April 16, 2011

Not posted before or during the trip, obviously, for reasons of operational security.

My grandfather passed away last Monday night. The wake was well attended. The funeral was on a clear, crisp spring day. Some of the local CMA chapter showed up, in support of my father and uncle who are members, and of my grandfather, who was a veteran of WWII and Korea. The processional was long – about a dozen motorcycles, glimmering in the sun with their chrome, the lead one trailing a large American flag.

We passed by the family farm, where the funeral director placed a white rose on the front steps, before we continued on to St. Theresa’s church, where the funeral was held. We then proceeded to St. Theresa’s cemetery up the street, where some naval personnel were waiting for us.

Some folks from the Navy were there, and he was laid to rest by his parish priest who was a fellow navy man himself, with military honors. (I was doing well until taps.. that always gets me).

I was going to write a little more about his life, but my father did a better job than I could in his eulogy, which I have included in its entirety below the cut. (more…)