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I should probably mention… and computers..

Posted By on December 26, 2010

That I’m going through old emails, catching up on my reading. A lot of it includes “things about which I should blog”, so expect to see a bunch.

Growing up, I had a Tandy 1000TX. It was a good machine, in many ways a lot better than the actual IBM machines – the video had more colors than just the 4 color CGA, while being backwards compatible with it. It had dedicated joystick ports (these were round, and looked like the keyboard ports of the time, as opposed to the later 15 pin trapezoidal joystick connectors), and a much better sound chip. I was surprised, however, to learn later that they were clones of the IBM PCjr. I actually acquired one of these some years later, as part of a drop off of a pile of equipment, but it was missing all the peripherals which went with it, so I scrapped it.

Still, an interesting piece of history.


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