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Posted By on December 19, 2010

So, I was poking about on DriveThruRPG and happened across Majestic 12 Games. Their catalog is impressive – they have games to address all of the genres in which I’m interested (and some in which I am not), and the systems purport to be universal – most including rules for creating your own in a balanced fashion. They also have demo rules available for most (all?) of their games. Now, whether or not their rules suit me is a different matter – I don’t know, I’m still reading the demo rules.

All that said, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m open to them. I like simple to play but tactically complex games – all the math should be front-loaded into unit generation. I’d prefer something much less complex than Warhammer 40K – something that is quick for new players to pick up.

Currently, I’m using:

  • Small scale (6mm) – Nothing
  • Large scale (25mm) – Nothing
  • Space Ships – Full Thrust
  • Propeller Driven Aircraft – Crimson Skies – though it is an airplane game without altitude, which is a little weird. It is also out of print, which I hate doing to players. Oh, here’s this great game.. and you can’t get the rules. You can still buy the minis, but not the rules. Something which allows for both these aircraft and historical aircraft would be interesting.

I’m also playing Warmachine, but that’s kind of its own category.


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