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On Wine…

| September 25, 2010

So, I used to be pretty down on Wine, because you’d set something up, then it would break in the new version, and you’d have to re-fix it again.

A couple months back, I tried it again and was very impressed. Most things just worked out of the box.

This luck has apparently run out. I’ve tried several versions, and they all have the same problems:

  • You can still see the taskbar if you tell it to let the window manager manage windows.
  • If you have the window manager not manage windows, it still is there accepting keyboard input, so if you hit a hotkey used by the program, the WM gets it instead, and if you do anything (like, say, switch desktops) accidentally, you can never get back to the program you’re running.

I note that neither DosBox nor VirtualBox have those issues.

I really just want Wine to be as good as DosBox, but it’s not.

So, I guess I’ll be running various Windows things in VirtualBox.

Fall update

| September 21, 2010

Generator is all serviced and tested.

Some pics behind the cut… (more…)

American Community Survey

| September 3, 2010

So, we got a copy of the American Community Survey.

I was kind of mindlessly filling it out, and then started asking Liz the questions, and she started yelling at me.

They want to know who we are, what we do, what we make, when we leave for work, how we get there, whether we carpool, a variety of medical questions, and more. Oh, and they threaten you several times about how you’re required by law to respond. (They charge you with a misdemeanor and fine you if you don’t answer it.. but they’ve never done it to anyone).

This is not okay.

Here’s what Ron Paul has to say.

For what good it does, I have emailed my congressman.

The other thing which bugs me is the inefficiency of it all. About half of it is public record and/or information the government has already (census, taxes, etc.), so they HAVE this information.

Then, they send me a letter saying they’re going to send me the survey, the survey, and a postcard saying that they send me the survey. Subsidizing the postal service with additional tax money, are we?

Oh, and apparently the Republican National Committee agrees