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What are you people, on dope?

| August 31, 2010

I’m watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

I was in the mood, because I spent the afternoon listening to 80’s glam rock bands while working.

Zombie cows.. from spaaaaace.

| August 25, 2010

So svan_1004 was after me to post about the game, and I am somewhat appearances, that she beat me to posting. That said, her synopsis covers most of the bases, so I only have a few things to add.

  • There were originally supposed to be two combat encounters – zombies in the bar, and zombies in the farmhouse.
    • The bar was handled by getting on the radio to the sheriff and bartender trapped inside, telling him to get down, and then putting a few hundred rounds through the front of the building at about 4′ high. Zombie chop suey. Of course, these were spore zombies, so half the team got infected by the inhaled spores.. not that it was really dangerous – they happened to have two magical healers who cured the infection.
    • The farmhouse was supposed to be fighting with a possessed human, a walking space-tree thing, and a couple dozen zombies coming out of the corn. This didn’t take very long, considering that they tried to talk to the girl, then dropped her with a headshot when she pulled a scattergun on them. At that point, everyone else wasn’t human, so bring on the propane truck and a fuel-air explosion.
  • They broke into a radio observatory, stole these poor students’ data, then never used it.
  • With all that, they got finished early, so I had to invent more encounters.. hence the zombie pigs, cows and crows.

I think that’s about it.

I’m still impressed with Savage Worlds.


| August 19, 2010

  • Potatoes are now properly hilled
  • There is now a length of wire holding the outlet hose on to my turbocharger (as opposed to it blowing halfway out every time I hit the throttle too hard)


| August 14, 2010

Liz and I grabbed the Warmachine MKII quickstart rules and gave it a go with some proxy miniatures. The basic mechanics are very simple – anyone who is used to allocating command points and standard movement/line of sight/etc. type rules will be used to it. The use of preprinted cards for each unit (they apparently come in the box with the mini, and you can buy a deck of cards for every unit in your faction for like $15) allows for decent unit variability without adding too much confusing. The use of command points to “pump up” desired units allows for some interesting strategy.

Specifically, Liz was playing Cygnar (shooty) and I was playing Khador (stompy). We were still working out the system and figuring out the wrinkles for the first couple of turns, as my guys charged in. I realized I had to close, so I allocated points to have them run. Liz shot at my guys as they came in, but was limited by the rate of fire of her weapons. So, she hit my guys, but not enough to do any substantial damage.

Once my guys closed, I allocated all the points to them, allowing for massive numbers of melee attacks with boosted (extra dice) to hit and damage rolls. This allows my heavy hitter mech to just crush her light mech in a single turn.

Now, at that point it was 10:00, so we stopped because we’d both had a long week.

If you’ve played Monsterpocalypse, it feels a lot like that.

Its at least as good as 40k, and they’ve put out fewer editions in the given 10 years. Whether this is maintained, or they end up going in to the same edition churn as GW (3 editions in 10 years? Really?) remains to be seen. Further, the minis are in the same price class as GW minis, but (at least theoretically), you need fewer of them – however I’m not sure how true this is. The entry cost seems to be about the same ($50 for a basic couple of units), but with 40k armies, I find that you need to bulk it out to the tune of $200-$500 in order to really get enough variety to work well and keep things interesting. I’m not sure how this works for Warmachine.

(For the curious, I’m not getting rid of my GW minis – after all, I already own them. I’m willing to play 40K under either 3rd or 4th edition rules, as those are the rules I own, and am currently experimenting with the F.A.D. 4.0 rules. I also have some modern minis which I’m going to play with around these rules.. especially since they’re almost all painted..)

Scribd is stupid

| August 12, 2010

So, I find some house rules for 6mm combat for F.A.D. 4.0 on there (thanks to teh google), but apparently I can’t downloading without registering.. so I do, but then apparently I need to either upload something or pay money. WTF? Luckily, bugmenot had some logins which work.

Is me, or has the level of people with stupidly annoying business models increased in recent years?

We has a doggie

| August 2, 2010

Diesel the dog

Diesel the dog

He’s such a good puppy – all he wants to do is be with people, play fetch, and splash in the water. We’ve got a dog house on order ($115, shipped), and already got him a 4′ diameter pool to splash in. His daytime pen is about 50′ x 200′ or so. Happy doggie.

Addendum to UI post…

| August 2, 2010

Yeah, so E16 has some window placement issues, E17 is slow, so I switched over to IceWM. Figured I’d give that a go.