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All my life is a (UI) circle

| July 22, 2010

In the beginning, I was on RedHat, and there was Gnome + Enlightenment.

Later, Gnome adopted Sawfish, but you had a choice. I still used Enlightenment.

Then I don’t exactly recall what happened. I think Enlightenment went away from Gnome, I tried several (IceWM, Fluxbox, etc.) finally settled on FVWM, which I used for several years.

Then Liz made fun of me sufficiently for having an ugly WM that I switched to XFCE4.

XFCE broke their window stacking model, so I switched to Gnome + Metacity (the default).

This morning at work, Metacity decided to go insane, pegging my CPU and generally being unreasonable. Now, I had been annoyed by its sluggishness for quite awhile, so this was the final straw.

I installed lubuntu-desktop, and used LXDE + Openbox for today at work. It was a little.. interesting. Fast, for sure, but very minimalist, and not quite.. right in all cases.

On the drive home, it hit me… Gnome + Enlightenment.. again.

We’ll see how this goes. There is one little annoyance – with some themes, the gnome panel menu doesn’t seem to like non-minimized application windows managed by enlightenment… It makes you not able to click on menu selections.. However, with ShinyMetal (the theme I was originally using those many years ago), it works fine.

Oh, and I discovered Conky today, which may replace the gnome-panel flyout I have which does system monitoring. (I used to use GKrellM, but now I want trending for memory usage…)

Fixed mah car…

| July 22, 2010

The ABS light came on a couple weeks ago. It’s summer, so no rush. Hit it with the computer last night, got an “electrical fault in the right rear ABS sensor”. Pulled the wheel, checked the wire, looked fine. Figure it is a defective component. German Auto Parts is awesome and about 5 minutes from work. Got the part, changed it out tonight, which was a pain in the but. Figured it would just pop off, but nooo.. had to pull the brake and rotor off, and ended up having to smash out the core with a punch, then take it out in pieces. A little sanding of the hole, and the new one slid right in, but it was not supposed to be nearly this annoying. Still, saved me about an hour worth of mechanic labor (which is expensive).

Oh, and the light went off. So, mission accomplished.


| July 12, 2010

So, aside from the past month which has been a bit crazy, I’ve been painting again…

The Chaos ships are painted dark green with a couple coats of black wash. The tanks are green and kind of a sand color, with appropriate highlights (treads, etc.) then black wash. The base is painted, and then after this I flocked them (not pictured).

What do you get…

| July 11, 2010

when you combine:

  • A goat
  • About 5 lbs of C-4
  • Containers of salt and nails

Answer: The world’s largest, walking, demon-spawn attracting Claymore mines….

Roleplaying game players are often very, very creative..

Oh, and Savage Worlds works really well.