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This is the way the world ends?

| May 13, 2010

So, this article is positing that the media is really underestimating what’s happening and, at best, we’re talking massive ecological disaster along much of the Atlantic seaboard. At worst, we’re talking supervolcano leading to the end of the world as we know it.

This idea intrigues me. Aside from the “does this mean that we get to play Mad Max now?” facet of it, I’m forced to wonder: When all those folks were saying we’d destroy ourselves over oil, I’m not exactly sure this is what they had in mind.

For those who think I’m being flippant here, I’d retort that there’s not much I can do about this problem. It is both outside my realm of control and my realm of professional experience. This is for other types of experts, not me.

For those who think that I’m being callous, I’d retort that I’ve been driving a car which gets 40MPG since 2004, and it is ready to run sustainable biofuels (specifically, biodiesel). Do I see any biodiesel around? Nope. Everyone put in ethanol pumps, which is a much worse solution than biodiesel (harder to make, less energy dense, competes with food production, where you can make biodiesel out of damned near anything). My house runs on home heating oil – that can be biodiesel too (same stuff). Still, nope.

Anyway, off to bed. I think I’ll read a bit of the Afterpeak setting. Seems apropos.

I’m done with Facebook

| May 13, 2010

  • Their update system is nondeterministic and lame, rendering different answers depending on when and where you ask.
  • They like to sue people for doing useful things with their data sources.
  • The human interface is annoying.

I will consider diaspora* when it is available.

If you want to talk to me, send me an email or comment on my blog. If you want to keep me in the loop on your life, comment on a proper RSS-enabled blog forum to which I can subscribe.

As a result, I’ll be commenting here more frequently.

Edit: howto

Old Google layout

| May 13, 2010

I dislike the new Google layout. At least for now, you can get back the old one with this workaround.


| May 1, 2010

So, I finally got my benches built. There’s a workbench in the garage, an a reloading bench in the reloading room.