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Punditry: Shooty things

Posted By on February 2, 2010

Okay, to recap: Heller says that the FedGov can’t ban guns in common use, or that are logical evolutions of the arms required to be kept for militia purposes. DC is forced to open up their gun registry, but the registry is not abolished. There is suggestion that registration of arms may be reasonable, but no ruling is made on that.

This does not currently apply to the states, as this was an appeal from a DC court, and thus is strictly federal.

I should mention that, were it still in effect, this would likely have resulted in the overturning of the assault weapons ban. After all, the ruling was that they can’t ban guns (defacto ban or actual).

Now, McDonald v. Chicago may very well incorporate this down to the states.

If that happens, expect the state assault weapons bans to go be overturned, and the very restrictive gun registration requirements (say, NY City)

I would expect the more reasonable ones (say NY State) to stick around.

So, for me, this is a net win – no more “NY Compliant” black rifles, but I still need to wait for 2 weeks to buy a handgun.

That said, the handgun registry served two purposes:

  1. You got background checked by the Sheriff before getting your new gun
  2. Your handguns are recorded in a registry

The gun registry and corresponding ballistic databank have been cited as abject failures by every independent study done on them.

The background check is redundant with the federal NICS check.

It would be nice of politicians were rational, saved some money, and abolished these useless enterprises. However, I don’t hold out much hope for that happening. It seems easier to enact laws than get rid of them.


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