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Humans innnnn spaaaaace…

Posted By on November 1, 2009

So, I’ve started to read The Foundation Trilogy, and it has me thinking about:

  • Traveller
  • Alternity
  • Full Thrust

(Primarily the last one).

Full Thrust is a very good space combat game, and the rules are available for free from Ground Zero Games website.

The main issue with them is that the rules are spread across 4 books, and later books replace rules in earlier books, so it’s pretty hard to learn to play just from books and playing – you kind of need someone to teach you.

A couple of years ago, the thought briefly crossed my mind to do a revised compilation of the rules (with GZG’s permission), but it appears that someone beat me too it, and good for him!

Anyway, I’m also thinking of a Transhuman Space / Traveller / Alternity: Star Drive game, likely using Savage Worlds rules and exploring the worlds a bit.

Of course, there’s also Eclipse Phase, which I’m still reading.


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2 Responses to “Humans innnnn spaaaaace…”

  1. Nate says:

    I wonder how webcam long distance board gaming would work. Ya know like set up a laptop where the missing player would sit and the other player can keep track of whats going on by using his or her computer with webcam and a writing implement. But either way, Matt do you remember that cool Star Trek game we used to play? The one where we had to plot our coords on the tablet with the crayon. I used to like that game although I forgot the objective.

    • matt says:

      It depends on what type of game you’re playing, and there are a variety of solutions depending on what you’re doing. The webcam solution works, but virtual gameboards also exist. MapTool is one which I like, though I’ve not used it for actual play.

      Yes, I remember that Star Trek game. It was fun.

      I still have all the Star Trek CCG cards, and I’ve found a rules set which is very good for space battles called Full Thrust. It’s a lot of fun.

      Anyway, aside from specific programs designed to play specific games over the internet (MegaMek and various chess programs come to mind), RPG’s are generally easier to play over the internet, especially if you just use your virtual tabletop as a whiteboard and scribble like you wood on scrap paper (trying to hunt down lots of maps gets time consuming).

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