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| September 27, 2009

Okay, so I really need to post a pile of pics (I have some which are over a year old), and also vent my spleen about some other things… but I’m off to see Surrogates now, so I don’t quite have time.

However, fearsclave posted some kittehpix which made me realize I had been delinquent.

This is from the archives, but is yet unposted, so enjoy.

Socks and sunkist in the purple house.

Socks and sunkist in the purple house.

Take that fearsclave!

Attention New Yorkers: Gillibrand is an anti-freedom sellout

| September 18, 2009

Apparently, Gillibrand’s ascension to Hillary’s seat has resulted in massive compromises on her ideas of freedom, leading to:

  • Confirmation of a supreme court justice who does not believe in civil rights.
  • Statements of opposition and correlating votes against civil rights.

Specifically, she first voted to confirm justice Sotomayor who has repeatedly voted to deny incorporation to the states of various civil rights which limit what the federal government can do.

Secondly, she has recently corresponded with me where she stated that she is in favor of restricting what people can do with private property, calling the unregulated selling of private property a “loophole”, and further endorses additional (illegal) restrictions on fundamental rights of free people.

This represents a tremendous reversal from her previous positions.

I suggest that, this next election, everyone vote against her. If everyone votes against Schumer as well, with any luck we can get rid of both of them in 2010.

Back from a hiatus..

| September 16, 2009

So, I’m back off a week of vacation with a jaunt out to Maine for whitewater rafting at Northern Outdoors with friends. Loads of fun was had, and much beer was sampled. As it turns out, I like my beer a little better – theirs is a little heavier on the hops than I like.

We rafted the Kennebec which, while fun, was not as much fun as hitting the Dead, like we did last year (the rapids weren’t as interesting). However, we did have opportunity to play with some inflatable kayaks. They’re quite good, and it solves the kayak problem I was having. Specifically, I didn’t particularly like the large hard shell kayaks – they take space and are awkward. Doing some research, these are inexpensive and should fit the bill quite well.

In addition, I realize that I live in an area not unlike where we visited in Maine, so I need to get out and do more:

  • kayaking
  • geocaching
  • fishing
  • shooting

The vacation was a “homeowners vacation”. Liz painted the garage, I worked on some garage wiring and door opener maintenance, restocked our supply of frozen homemade rolls and such, dealt with a lot of garden bits and bobs (harvest time), and we generally played catch-up. It was both relaxing and productive and topped off by the nice trip to Maine. We took the scenic route out through Vermont and New Hampshire. As it turns out, the lower top speed (say 55MPH) had me getting about 43MPG on the diesel, which was nice.

I think that’s about it for now.