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Laptop 3D bits

| July 22, 2009


  • The radeonhd driver is now doing hardware 3D acceleration, but not at any reasonable speed.
  • The radeon driver is now doing hardware 3D acceleration, but leaves some odd graphics artefacts at times (even 2D), and has enough performance to run googlearth, but not to run doom3.

(This is with a Radeon Mobility X1400).

I need to test the one on case (Radeon R850XT).

And before anyone says “use fglrx”, I don’t use proprietary drivers.

And before anyone says “use Nvidia”, I don’t use proprietary drivers, and from what I’ve seen, ATI has the better free drivers.

Apparently, I’m a thief.

| July 22, 2009

It’s old news at this point, but Wizards of the Coast pulled all their PDF sales because folks were sharing them an infringing on their copyright.

Now, while they have every right to protect their copyrights, and indeed have a financial responsibility to do so, and further, stopping PDFs of in print products may make sense, that doesn’t change the fact that:

  • They’re stopping it on the grounds what we, and by that I take it as I, am stealing from them.
  • They’re stopping it for out of print products too.

For the second thing – remember, I did post this, a long time ago. I was hoping to pick up books from the out of print Alternity line. Guess not. Way to go, WotC.

Now, then there’s the insulting thing. The last folks who called me a thief were the RIAA. As such, it’s been 10 years since I bought an album from an RIAA member label, because they keep pushing DRM, extending copyright, and suing folks. Similarly, I tend to avoid Disney.

So, I suppose this means that I will not only be boycotting WotC, but also all of Hasbro. I suppose my money will have to go to other companies.

And, to think, I actually bought the 4th ed boxed set.

Well, that’s done it.

| July 22, 2009

I’m back on Gnome. I’ve gotten tired of Xfce being broken and generally flaky (the keybindings work half the time, etc.)

While Gnome lacks some desireable config stuff, it at least works consistently.


| July 6, 2009

Been busy, but still here.

I’ve updated the blog to WP 3.8.

I also had a bit of an overloaded meltdown a couple of weeks ago. Basically, the working theory was that we weren’t going to work on the house or do anything until after the potatoes went in (which happens about the second week of July). At least, this is what I thought. After the list got stupidly long, and it had to be done sooner, rather than later, I basically just stopped doing everything outside work, working on the house, and being a fire commissioner. This made Liz sad, because she was looking forward to brewing beer, and I had told her not to get me any brewing stuff for my birthday, since I would not have time to use it and it would just take up space. I think that put a bit of a point on it, so she agreed to let me set the pace of things, and not set deadlines, and try to slow down. So, theoretically, we’re actually going to be able to do things like brew beer and sit and read…

At least, once the peas are picked and the potatoes are in. We picked and processed about 4 gallons of peapods today, and we’ll do our first picking of garden peas later this week. The replacement tomato, pepper, squash, etc. plants are all in (next year we’ll wait until the second week of June to plant them).

Fire stuff continues to be stupidly busy, with 3 meetings last week, and while there right now aren’t any this week, I expect there to be 2 by the time the week is out.

As I mentioned, I’m basically not gaming. Essentially, I’m not going to schedule anything recurring until it’s been a year and I’ve actually had at least one night free a week for a year where I can just read and play video games. I’m still buying game books, as I tend to collect them, and like to just read them, etc.

I upgraded everything to Jaunty, fixing the XFCE bad window placement problem by giving new windows focus. While it is not ideal, I spent several days poking different window managers and basically being disappointed by them. KDE4 is too unstable, GNOME is not configurable enough, and FVWM would take too much work to make it not make my eyes bleed. E17 is too unstable (though I may try the official Jaunty builds)

There’s more, but I think I’m going to break here for tonight. I finished reading Watchmen (there’s a pile of other books I need to review, and will do once I unbury them in the mess which used to be my office), and am now on to V for Vendetta.

Oh, as of right now, I’m planning on hitting Carnage, and will likely be bringing some homebrew. Since it’s not a regularly schedule thing, I likely will be able to find the time. If anyone else is going, let me know – especially if you want me to run something.

An open letter to Kraft Foods

| July 6, 2009

Dear Kraft Foods:

I was going to submit comments or send an email via your website, but the “Contact Us” link brings me to a FAQ, with no discernible way to actually contact you. Therefore, you get a public letter which everyone can read.

I recently purchased one of your “Miracle Whip – All Out Squeeze” products, which feature a nonstick squeeze bottle in order to be able to get all of the dressing out of the container. I regret to inform you that I will no longer be purchasing this product, as I believe that the nonstick bottle coating is leeching into the product. Once consumed, the nonstick ingredient affects my bowels similar to the dressing.

I confirmed this by the following methodology:

Day 1: Turkey sandwich with Miracle Whip Result: Distress

Day 2: Ham sandwich with Miracle Whip Result: Distress.

Days 3 and 4: The same turkey and ham, but with no miracle whip. Result: Nothing abnormal.

Day 5: Turkey with Miracle Whip Result: Distress

I feel this to be pretty conclusive proof.

Further, since my local grocer no longer sells small containers of Miracle Whip save in squeeze bottles, I will no longer be purchasing this product.


Matthew Caron