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Special place in hell

| June 12, 2009

While the point of the following article is that these folks are caught by intertube vigilantes, it still makes me very sad.

I looked up the one in Oklahoma

Cut for length, as it is a bit of self reflection. (more…)

Misc shooty stuff

| June 9, 2009

You know that burger king mascot dude?

Who, like, shows up at the end of peoples’ beds all Donnie Darko creepy in the commercials?

I want to see someone do a bedstand draw and mozambique the dude.

That’ll teach him to sneak up in the middle of the night.

In other news, I ordered some 3-dot fiber optic Novak sights for my PT1911. The Heinie sights are lame. Let me explain.

The sight picture is two vertical dots, which you line up one on top of each other. This helps with left/right alignment, but not up down. In order to do up/down alignment, you have to level the sights at the top. This is conventional, but not fast.

Consider the alternate (which is what I’m used to) – three horizontal dots. Your eye naturally lines them up, so rather than trying to line up the top of a bunch of black squares, you line up the centers of three dots. Left/right is handled by the fact that you line up the center post in the rear notch.

Doing a little looking around, apparently I am not alone here – in late 2008, Taurus changed from the Heinie sights to Novak sights.

Window managers

| June 7, 2009

So, I added the OpenGeu repositories to my list and grabbed E17. It shows promise, but isn’t quite there yet.

  • Segfaulted about once every half hour.
  • Slower than XFCE.
  • Lacked a system tray applet (like, for nm-applet to live in).

Some of this may be the OpenGeu build, some of it may be the fact that it is just barely out of alpha.

Anyway, I played with it for about three hours last night, got it mostly configured, and in the end, it wasn’t ready for prime time.

I may have a look at OpenBox (running it under Gnome, since it is just a WM and doesn’t try to be a full desktop environment).

Of course, the whole point to this is to actually find something which is not broken, like Xfce now is under Jaunty. See, I have this nagging fear that this stacking order is what the XFCE guys actually want and they won’t fix it.