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Battletech, Zombies, House stuff, Time…

Posted By on April 26, 2009

  • Last weekend, Liz and I stopped by Zombie Planet. They have Battletech league which runs Thursdays, which I will likely start attending some time in the next month (I have meetings the next two Thursdays).
  • Because of the above, I picked up a copy of Battletech:Total Warfare. It’s a good thing that the pages are kind of glossy because it makes it easy to clean off the drool. I really like what they’ve done with this franchise, as well as with Shadowrun and I’m looking forward to Eclipse Phase. Anyway, specifically about Classic Battletech. See, in addition to the book, there’s lots of supporting stuff on the website, including:
    • PDFs of tables from the books which I can carve up and make my own reference cards
    • PDFs of blank record sheets.
    • CBT Miniatures rules as a free ancillary download.
  • As far as the book goes, I was pretty much blown away:
    • It is THE MOST gorgeous CBT book I’ve ever owned.
    • The full color treatment is wonderful.
    • $40? Come on – it’s worth $60. The Master Rules were $35 and were softcover and not nearly so nice.
  • I also found (finally) an open source mech generation program. It’s called Solaris Skunk Werks, it’s written in Java, and it produces Total Warfare style record sheets. I like it, and will try to find some time to hack on it. Apparently folks have been complaining about the startup time taking too long, so I suppose I’ll dig into code profiling Java programs to try and optimize it, if possible. There is also apparently MegaMekLab, which I haven’t looked at, but is another approach.
  • In an attempt to organize my life, and have the time to play things like Battletech and such, I’m starting to plan out my week for a regular schedule. The sad part is that once I did out how I wanted to spend my week, I realized that I really only have one day a week to devote to fire service stuff (and, to be honest, even that is more time than I want to devote to it, but that is another post, which involves talking about how I’m falling behind in my career, etc.). So, I’m going to end up taking a leave of absence from the department for the duration of me being a commissioner, because I really don’t have time to to both.
  • So, last weekend I got the compost pitched into a couple of fields and got them tilled in, transplanted some seedlings into individual containers, did a massive supply run (including $100+ worth of beer… see, I’m collecting bottles for homebrew, and one of the best ways to get bottles is to buy beer and then drink it!!). This weekend I serviced the tractor and got it mostly done, except I can’t seem to break the bolts free for them. So, I’m going to swing by my father in law’s house and borrow his big breaker bar, as well as a larger bore hose for the impact wrench (he thinks that my hose is too narrow so it can’t get the volume it needs to really put much power to it). This year, I’m going to be sure to put never-sieze on it. I also swept and mopped the house, which means that it’s vastly less yeechy. I still need to vacuum, but it’s progress.

Friday night is game night with Lizzy, so we set up terrain for Battletech / microarmor. I took pictures.


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  1. Skyhigh says:

    Just to let you know, we’ve recently released some updates to SSW and removed the “slow load time” problem and added a LOT of new features and equipment to the program. We are very excited about the new “canon” dot patterns that the sheets will use and the fact that they are completely customizable.

    Enjoy! George “Skyhigh” Blouin SSW Developer

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