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Posted By on December 20, 2008

So, Liz gets an iPod touch, and gives me her iPod 3G. Of course, I want to put Rockbox on it. Normally, this is not very difficult, except that this was an HFS formatted iPod, and I needed to redo it as Fat32 (because that is what Rockbox understands).

The basic gist here is: (1) Save off the old firmware. (2) Blow away the partition table (3) Repartition the thing. (4) Put the old firmware on. (5) Install rockbox (patches the firmware and sets it up to dual boot).


dd if=/dev/sdd2 of=3g_firmware dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=10

Notice the problem?

Yeah, I blew zeros over the first 10MB of my hard drive.

However, I fixed it. See, /dev/sdb is a mirror of /dev/sda, both with the same partition table and (supposedly) identical data.

So: dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda bs=1M count=10

Fixed the partitions and boot partition. So, all I need to do is fix up the bootloader (because that is the one part which was different, so that each drive can boot independently): sudo grub root (hd0,0) setup (hd0)

Bob's your uncle.


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