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Ho-lee crap

Posted By on November 30, 2008

Okay, so I'm reading 4E, like I said. While I'll play it, I think that some of the criticism of it is valid. It is very boardgame-y, and I'm not sure about the classes, and so forth.

So, I took the opportunity to score a set of the 3rd ed core books (PHB, MM, DMG) off ebay for $15, shipped.

I also noticed that Paizo seems to have the rights to be selling PDFs of first and second edition products.

And then I saw pathfinder. Apparently, the fine folks at Paizo have taken the OGL content and decided that it can be improved continued. I like this idea.

Oh, and apparently, they have the rights to sell the Alternity back catalog as PDFs, which is also very nice.

Of course, I scored the Alternity PHB, Gamemaster's Guide, plus a pile of other sourcebooks for like $50.

I love compuermachines. Nothing goes out of print.

Of course, my printer is running about 7 years old, and has maybe 50k pages through it, and is making a godawful whining noise. So, I need me one of these.. and the duplexing unit doesn't hurt when printing books.


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