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Impressions on 4e

Posted By on November 26, 2008

(prompted by who asked about it here)

Well, I kind of of have mixed feelings about it. (Bear in mind, I'm only about 1/3rd of the way through).

I'm find with the “new” races and classes (bear in mind, the last time I played a lot of D&D was 2nd ed, and even then, that wasn't much). I mean, some of them strike me as kind of silly (ooh, there's elves and FAIRY elves.. wank wank.. but whatever), and there's similar differences in the classes. Ultimately, it's a big “whatever” and doesn't bother me much.

The core mechanic seems to largely be the same as 3rd ed (d20 + modifiers).

They got rid of the bard, which is good. While I like good bards in real life, and don't mind NPC bards and minstrels to sing the tales of our deeds in game, PC bards singing inspiring songs always were a little lame.

The skill list is a lot smaller, and the feat list is still bloody huge, which has always bugged me about 3rd edition – there's a bzillion feats, and it's annoying trying to keep track of them all.

I'm not too keen on being able to rejigger your characters being codified in the rules. I mean, it was always up to the GM to let you do that, but to have the rules say “if this isn't working out how you planned, drop the feat and learn another when you level up” is just kind of lame.

I do like the reworking of spells and powers to be based on frequency, rather than number. So, even if there is nothing else a wizard can do, he can still shoot magic missiles rather than having to sleep before he can shoot some more.

I'm kind of on the fence as to the paragon paths (11th – 20th level) and epic destinies (21st – 30th level). Of course, I haven't played many high level characters, so I don't really know how the two play out.


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