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Been busy

Posted By on August 9, 2008

Aside from some short quips, I haven't really updated this in about two weeks.

Last weekend, (the weekend of Aug 2nd), my brothers-in-law came to visit, along with various nieces and nephews. It was good to have a full house. Much food and fun was had by all.

The corn is all thinned, the pea fencing has been moved to the peapods, the potatoes are hilled, the lawn is mowed, and the lawn clippings are between the rows. I have yanked up most of the weeds – I need maybe another half hour or so and that will be done.

Most of the electric fencing stuff is up, I just ran out of the insulators so I need to get some from the store when we're out this week. I also need to put up some finer meshed fencing on the gates to keep out things larger than rabbits and smaller than deer.

Pretty much the only thing outstanding (as in, “stuff which should get done but that doesn't really represent a project) is a bunch of weedwackering. If it's nice tomorrow, I'll likely finish all that up. However, there are supposed to be thundershowers which makes it hard to work on that, In that ends up happening, I'll likely be making pickles (grabbed some jars and lids from my mother in law, and I have about half a dozen pickling cukes which is enough to fill two or three large jars) and painting some shelves I want to put up in my office.

I also want to tidy up the garage and starting hanging/organizing things. I've finally gotten some useful things I've needed (welder, sawhorses, angle grinder, more air tools, etc.) that I can start tackling those projects. However, right now they're kind of all in a messy pile and really need some organization before I can start on them.

Over all, I'm pretty happy with it. I like working on things like this and organizing things.

The kittens are doing well and continue to make physics look like “suggestions” rather than “laws”, especially when it comes to energy. I will likely post some pictures later.

I've also become rather enamored with Streamlight's products. I purchased one of these for firefighting applications after receiving recommendations from other firefighters. 65 lumens, 3 hour runtime, with a 50,000 hour bulb life. Not bad for a $50 light. I also picked up one of these for a more general purpose flashlight. 42 lumens, 4 hour runtime, 10,000 hour bulb, for a $25 light. I liked it so much I bought 2 more. This is, in contrast to this light which is, quite frankly, unimpressive. It works to spec, but it's a very weak light. The LUX LED's are much better.


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