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Posted By on May 28, 2008

  • I installed the Panzer Plate. Very clever design, went on easily in about three hours of actual work. I used anti-seize lubricant instead of plain old grease, which I figure would work better, and it worked just fine. I also had to borrow a 12″ socket extension from my father in law, because you need it for the bolts which mount the two standoffs. The bottom scrapes more often than it used to, but everything is protected now. It also stiffens up the front end considerably. I figured it was bunk, but it’s not. Now all I need is a suspension kit, upgraded firmware, and some new tires (performance tires on 19″ rims) and I’ll be ready to tear it up. A little bit at a time, though..
  • I used one of those Pela Oil extractors to change the oil. It works, and it does get all of it, but it takes some time. Pump it up 20 times, wait half an hour, pump it up again, etc. It took about 2 hours to suck out the 4.5 quarts of oil in the car. But, it’s easier than crawling around, just make sure you aren’t in a rush.
  • I replaced the carburetor and tines on the tiller. It works much better now
  • The peas and corn are in, and I broke a fourth field for other stuff
  • I will be designating a perennial section for horseradish and garlic
  • The peas have sprouted and the pea fence is up
  • I need to put up the electric fencing
  • We’re working on landscaping the house, so we’ve been digging sod and digging out rocks in order to bring the tiller, which will take many passes in order to get this as deep as we want it (which is as deep as it will go), as the tiller is only 6HP and if you try to till the whole 10″ or however deep it can go all in one shot, it bogs down and stalls. Once that is done, we have some peat to till in, and then Liz will go nuts planting all the plans she has gotten for it
  • Once this section of landscaping is all done, we might start clearing out various overgrowth down by the stream. We can even do this when it is hot, because we’re right by the stream and can jump in and cool off, and keep a mesh bag full of drinks there, which would keep them nice and cold
  • The animal rescue people called and will be stopping by tomorrow with a gaggle of kittens for us to foster. They hinted that these were still with momma and might be here for some time. I am comfortable with that. I will post pictures
  • Firefighter class is over in just over a week. June 7 is our last class
  • I ordered a set of these for mowing the lawn. I’ll let folks know how they work. Essentially, they’re hearing protection that you can jack your iPod into. I got the “behind the head” model, so I can still wear a hat while mowing. For the curious, the blower for the bagger is something like 90db at the distance where I sit. Over 4 hours, that is really too loud to be right next to. Plus, I can listen to Audio Drama and Audio Books (oh, all free, by the way), which makes it much more interesting.

Okay, I guess that is it for tonight.


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