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Sent to Nintendo of America

Posted By on November 27, 2007

To Whom It May Concern: I’ve recently had the unfortunate experience of downloading the SEGA Title Super Thunder Blade, for my Wii. Unfortunately, it would seem that nostalgia had me jumping at the chance to play the game again, but age seems to have made my memory fuzzy. To wit – this is NOT the game I thought it was. Thus, I find myself in the situation of having spent 800 Wii Points (equivalent to $8 US) on a game which is complete and total garbage, yet I cannot return. Now, while I realize that this is exactly what would happen were I too have bought a game at a store (once it’s open, you own it because most stores won’t accept returns), I can’t really claim that the Virtual Console concept is flawed – it merely takes the current physical game model into the virtual, with the same limitations. However, I cannot help but wonder if it could be better. Suggestions: (1) A time limited window where one can return Virtual Console games after some reasonable amount of time – perhaps 6 hours. (2) A demo version of Virtual Console games containing the first few levels. (3) A demo version of Virtual Console games which allows time-limited play (only works for an hour then requires that you buy it, etc.). I’m sure the technology could be added with a firmware upgrade, and I think that this would present a better value for customers. Personally, I am now hesitant to download any other Virtual Console games with which I am not intimately familiar. Thus, I will not be spending money on games which might be good, or which I heard were good, but will instead be limiting my purchases only to games which I am certain are good. Since I never played anything on Neo Geo, SEGA, or many of the other consoles represented, I will not be looking at those categories for Virtual Console titles, lest I make this same mistake again. Thank you very much for your consideration, Matthew Caron


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