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Posted By on September 24, 2007

So, for the past two weeks ago, I have been playing with spamato, both the standalone proxy and the Thunderbird plugin.

First, the concept is interesting – it's actually a bunch of different anti-spam solutions and if some number of them (default two) think something is spam, then it is.

I tested the proxy a little bit, but it doesn't really work – it frequently times out, fails to get mail, etc. I want more response time than that. This may be how it is designed, but this is not an acceptable level of performance for me.

So, I ended up doing most of my testing with the Thunderbird plugin. This has a number of deficiencies:

  • It uses a LOT of CPU horsepower. Starting it up in the morning and processing 500 message or so will end up pegging my CPU for about 10 minutes. I also cannot read email while this is going on.

  • Spam is put in a local folder, which means that there is no way to share it between computers. There is no way to change this folder.

  • It is too likely to find spam, at least in the default settings.

In the end, I'm canning it because it “catches too much”, so much so that I can't trust it – and if I have to check piles of messages anyway, I might as well just grab them from my in box and tag them as junk there.


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