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Long day

Posted By on September 23, 2007

This was one of those weekends where I worked on a lot and made a lot of progress, but didn't really finish anything. But, progress is progress, I suppose.

I also found a gaming shop about half an hour away which does open gaming several times a week, so I'll probably show up and play. Of course, 40K is out for a little bit, since GW changed all the books I need, again, so I need to grab up to date ones and rejigger my army to conform to the rules.

I also hung out and talked about conspiracy theories and other odd bits of unexplainable trivia with a neighbor from up the street. He's a friend of my father in law, and ended up building a house up around the bend.

One interesting topic to come out of the discussion was that he was reading that archaeologists have uncovered evidence of multiple nuclear incidents from about 8000 years ago, which leads to discussion of an advanced society and/or extraterrestrial nuclear war. You can google “ancient nuclear war” for more information. Maybe it's just nutty conspiracy theory, but if these were indeed ancient nuclear explosions, where did they come from? If they were not, what are they?

I haven't seen Arthur all day. Usually he comes out and hangs out when I'm working in the yard, and he also usually comes in at about this time at night. I have to say that I am a little concerned, but Liz also thinks I'm a little paranoid. Still, my father in law found some coyote scat down by the creek, so hopefully Arthur is okay.

Also, apparently New Jersey exported some bears to upstate NY, because they have a bear problem, but the environmental management folks didn't want to issue hunting licenses for them because “the girls in the office thought it was mean to kill the cute bears”. So we now have them in NY, where permits will be issued for the bears (they're extending the bear hunting season in the Catskill region by something like 3 days this year because of bear overpopulation there).

Now, both Coyotes and Bears will generally leave people alone (barring rabies and protecting cubs), but Arthur would make either of them a nice snack.

In other news, my father in law put up a trailcam, and we've been seeing about one deer per day on it. I also saw two does this evening, and the aforementioned neighbor said that he's seen two bucks running around.

He's also heading out to Wyoming shortly.. for elk, I believe.

I forsee a need to order from these fellows (because I like sausages). Summer sausages… polish sausages.. breakfast susages. Mmmmmmm.


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