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Posted By on September 10, 2007

I looked up the Shadowrun rules again, and apparently I had forgotten that on skill tests you roll skill + linked attribute. Given that, Serenity's system doesn't seem all that different, except for the “mix and match” aspect, which is easily cured with a house rule. (You roll the appropriate attribute rather than the linked attribute). Furthermore, you can play the same game of having cars have their own dexterity, and you roll car dexterity + driver's driving skill rather than driver's dexterity + driver's driving skill + handling modifier of the car (some adjusting of TN's might be necessary here, but it's doubtful. After all, if a guy's dexterity is 4, his skill is 3, and the car's handling is -2, it's 5 dice. Well, if the car's agility is 2 and his skill is 3, it's skill 5 dice. Now, if his dexterity was originally higher, then he's at a disadvantage, but I think it's more realistic this way).

Also, Shadowrun uses an opposed ranged combat system as well, so that is not unique to Serenity.

Finally, I don't like the way Serenity handles damage when in combat as well as Shadowrun does. The main deal here is, with Shadowrun, damage is either stun or physical, not both (or rather, rarely both). Depending on damage, you get bad modifiers applied. When your stun or physical damage is full, you pass out. With Serenity, the to-hit success is used to determine a mix of wounds (physical) and stun damage, then the damage of the weapon is added on top of it (this is one type, stun or physical). These are checked off on the damage chart. You get some penalties if your physical damage gets to halfway. Also, if your physical and stun equals your life points, you roll to see if you pass out. This requires more counting than I care to make.

On a Shadorun-only note, I'm house-ruling burst fire weapons to not have a recoil penalty for your first burst (much like semiauto weapons do), because applying recoil to the first burst is not really realistic. The second burst, however, is at normal recoil pentalty.


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