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Sticking a teapot up your nose

Posted By on September 3, 2007

I suppose that I've been using one long enough that I should sing the praises of the Neti Pot. Basically, it's this teapot-looking thing which you fill with warm water and a few pinches of salt. You then stick it into one nostril and tilt your head while leaning forward so that the water flows through your sinuses and out the other nostril. After some amount of water has flowed out, you straighten your head, take the Neti pot out, let the rest of the water drain, then blow your nose. Repeat with the other side.

It feels a little strange at first, but I have to admit that it works. It feels like you've been swimming, actually. It has helped me with:

  • seasonal allergies
  • sinus headaches (brought on by seasonal allergies. I make sure to use it when the headache is starting).
  • dust/pollen/etc. (working in the yard, shooting, etc.)

The basic idea is that it flushes all of the crap out of your nose and sinuses, breaks up mucous, etc. so you can actually breathe.

Tips (In my experience, it is uncomfortable if you break any of these):

  • Use warm water.
  • Use a good amount of salt. Initially, Liz an I were using too little. You need about 1/4 tsp, or “3 solid pinches” (which is what I use).
  • Don't use iodized salt. Use regular, plain table salt.

We bought ours off Amazon.

Also, I should mention that Liz originally saw this on Oprah.


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