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Posted By on September 3, 2007

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So, of what you planned to do, what did you actually accomplish?

As far as me, we only got the porch railings painted, because the project suffered from some “creeping featuritis” and we added a pile of crap on to what was initially a fairly simple affair.

In the style of “to give a mouse a cookie”. If there is a long weekend, you must paint the porch. In order to paint the porch, you must sand off the loose paint. In order to get supplies, you need to go to the home improvement store. While at the home improvement store, you pick up some light fixtures which would look much better than the ugly gold ones, and were 2 for $14, so how could we go wrong? Once you’ve started painting the porch railings, you decide to paint the doorframes. While sanding the doorframes, you realize that the door has the same problems as the one on your in-laws’ house; the trim has yellowed in the sun, so you decide to paint that too (including all the tedious masking off, hanging paper to protect against overspray, and basically doing an hour of prep for two 5 minute coats of paint). If you’re going to be painting the trim, you might as well paint the doors. While painting the porch rails, you decide that you want to fill in the cracks in the wood with some silicone sealant, and realize that you need a small roller to get the bottom of the lower rail. So, it’s back to the home improvement store for caulk, spray paint that sticks to plastic, paint for the door. While at the store, you realize that the paint is on sale, and buy paint for the guest bedroom as well. While cleaning the trim in preparation for painting, you realize that the sealant applied at the factory has softened to the consistency of chewing gum and is oozing out onto the glass. When you scrape off the old sealant, you see that you should recaulk the glass. Luckily, you have some silicone caulk (purchased to fill in the cracks in the wood), and all that remains is the absurdly tedious job of masking both sides of the tape joint, caulking it, then pulling off the tape in order to make it all nice and professional. While doing all of this, you realize that you should throw a couple of coats of paint onto the unfinished underside of the bay window in the master bathroom.


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