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Posted By on July 23, 2007

I think I have clevered it out.

MechSheet produces the best output. This is what I want my sheets to look like, though I may add an optional movement chart at the bottom if printed on legal paper. It does not, however, do any type of creation, it just makes sheets. So, for now, I can make mechs in HeavyMetal Pro, then convert the output stats file to the MechSheet format, then create the sheet. It sounds like a pain (and it kind of is), but it works for now.

Now, Phase 1 would be to rewrite MechSheet as a Java app. This makes it easy for me to get into Java with something I have a good handle on – a command line app which just puts things on the record sheet where they need to be. In this way, I could take a batch of already created files and generate them.

Phase 2 would be to integrate the HeavyMetal Pro file format reader from MegaMek to have my version of MechSheet be able to read those files directly.

Phase 3 would be to actually write a mech design engine to replace HeavyMetal Pro. This is the largest part of the product, and likely the hardest, since I have no idea how all these widgety things work.

The nice thing about this is that it allows me to actually PLAY while I'm working on this…


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