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Reading weekend

Posted By on July 22, 2007

Liz and I spent this weekend reading, her with the final book in the series of a certain Mr. Potter, me with the final book of Roland of Gilead and his ka-tet. An interesting change here is that, as a younger man, I used to be able to sit and read literally for hours on end. However, now I seem to only be able to read for two hours or so before I need to get up and do something.for a little while, then come back to it.

I've also discovered the Goblin Gaming Broadcast Network, a collection of podcasts about gaming. My list of podcasts is now about 5GB worth which I have not listened to on three primary topics – gaming, guns, and computers.

One of the few down sides with my move to NY has been my departure from both my miniatures gaming group and my RPG group. Couple this with the lack of shooty goodness (I still have none of my handguns and have not found a range) and lack of funds (I'm completely tapped out of cash for about the next six months or so), and it is basically leading to a sense of annoyance and frustration. I'm trying to lose myself in work around the house, but there is this gnawing need for the creative exercise of gaming – or some type of creative exercise similar to that.

As such, I'm thinking about picking up my BattleCAD project again and retooling it into a Java app (because the farking GTK bindings change every 5 mins, and if I have to retool it from GTK# to GTK2#, I might as well change it to Java, which is actually documented and such). Basically, the problem is, while I like Battletech (and I mean, REALLY like Battletech – it is probably my favorite miniatures game, though I don't always have a lot of chance to play it), you basically need record sheets for all your mechs, and need one per game, because you mark them up. The only commercial software is hard to use and produces ugly sheets (and I know, because I own a copy), and all the free ones aren't up to date on the current rules. The thing is, I don't actually want to write the software, I just want to play the game. It would be nice if the company which makes these games offered PDF's of the record sheet books – you can get hardcopies of the record sheets and PDF's of the rules, but not PDFs of the record sheet books. It's rather annoying.

Of course, before I go fidding with that, I should probably go through my other list of things to do (letters which need writing to senators about things, updating of various pages on my website, etc.), so I suppose I shall go off and do that now.


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