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Posted By on July 9, 2007

So, the shindig for my birthday was a nice success. I'm starting to get a little burnt out with all the stuff I've been trying to do around the house, so we kept it small and simple. Parents, in laws, my brother and my sister in law. I figure we'll have a big blowout housewarming come fall and invite everyone over for that one (our housewarmings usually take about a month to plan and we spend the week prior making food). The main limiting factor here is refrigerator – our current one is a small side by side, which means it can't fit a half-sheet pan, which means it's really poor for storing sheets of appetizers. Anyway, we stuck with burgers (with barbecue spices) and hot dogs, and a grilled potato salad (forgot to put in the bacon – d'oh!), and Lizzy made peanut butter filled chocolate mini-cakes for dessert. We also tried to churn some ice cream, but it really doesn't set up in the churn appropriately, so Liz and I just have a gallon of one of our favorite ice cream recipes in the freezer (oh well, life is hard). But, I won't try the “oh, we'll have fresh ice cream!” approach again. Besides, it's better when you deep freeze it for a couple of days, then bring it upstairs to the slightly-less-cold freezer which allows it to soften. There's something about how it ages and all gets happy that works here.

My brother Nate brought some little 50cc motorbikes, which are quite a bit of fun – there's a little bit of “bear on a tricycle” feel when you ride them, but they're fun for put-putting around the yard.

Not to be outdone, I fired up the lawn tractor and we started driving that around so that all the menfolk could try it out. Before I knew it, my father had mowed one section of lawn – I guess he liked the way the mower handled.

Yesterday, Liz and I slept in, then went out to a store which carries unfinished furniture and bought me a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. They're unfinished so we can paint them as accent pieces to the room, which works out well.

So, a good time, though for some reason I'm rather tired after this weekend – I don't know why. Liz wants to watch all the Harry Potter movies before we go see the new movie, so plans for the week are to watch one a night after working on the furniture, fixing the drippy shower faucet, patching some holes in walls, etc. I'll probably dig out some 1:300 scale buildings (for Battletech and Micro armor) and continue painting them up. Buildings are a nice way to ease back into painting minis, because I'm a little out of practice.

Anyway, to work!


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