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Posted By on July 2, 2007

  • I got the Troy Bilt running, but it took an extensive cleaning of the carburetor to get it running again. I guess 20 years of gum and varnish will do that to you. I tore it down, cleaned it, put it back together – no luck. So, I pulled it down again and put it in the ultrasonic cleaner just like I do for my brass. This thoroughly cleaned and decreased it. I recoated it with oil to retard rust, reassembled it and fired it right up. Of course, had also spent a couple of hours cleaning out the mouse nest and the putting slime in the tires to seal any small holes or cracks which might be there. It still needs a little bit of tweaking and tuning, but is generally running. The tines are shot, but they can wait until next year.
  • Once I had that running, my father in law gave me a bunch of potatoes to plant, along with a plow for the tiller which makes a furrow. I got those planted and covered, and once they sprout I’ll borrow the plow and extensions, which will hill up the sides of the potatoes.
  • The other night we had venison (shot by my wife and butchered by me) and broccoli (from our garden), over rice (grown in Texas by some fellow). It was very good.
  • That little bastard rodent ate most of the broccoli. If I see him again, I’m going to blow his little head off. Of course, I still need to sight in my rifle
  • I’ve been doing a bunch of electrical wiring on the house – changing switches around, getting rid of some silly switches in annoying spots, changing fixtures, etc.
  • We’ve finally gotten most of the random boxes put away – or at least in rooms. Much of it still needs to be organized, but they’re no longer sitting in the middle of the house
  • I’ve started making ice cream again. Once I get it perfected, I’ll post a recipe for a chocolate peanut butter swirl which I’m working the kinks out of
  • I’ve gotten to about half the pruning which I want to get done, and the battery powered sawzall works well for small to medium branches, which is most of what I need to do. Had a fire and burnt up most of it.
  • Following on my success with the tiller, I pilfered a broken chainsaw from my father in law. It’s just a small craftsman saw, with maybe a 14″ bar on it. He tried to start it one day, got angry, and went out and bought a 24″ Husqvarna (and those are some nice saws.. and sewing machines)
  • I’ve removed most of the fencing which I wanted to pull down. A couple of the 6×6 posts still remain because they are cemented in and I don’t see the need to move them – I’ll likely just build some birdhouses to top them. The ones out front went quickly, but as I hit the ones farther towards the back of the property, I realized that these are not merely dropped into drilled holes as the ones in front were – each of these is cemented in. So, I dug down to the cement and tried to pull it out with the tractor. The post came out, but the cement stayed – which is fine. It’s about 6 inches below grade, so I just covered it over and called it a day. Of course, there is another section of about 4 or 5 posts, likely configured similarly, so that will take some time to do.

Overall, I’m now in much less of a rush, and will likely slow the pace of work a bit. This is good because (this weekend’s cooler weather notwithstanding), the heat is going to hit us soon, and my plan was to get to these things before it got too hot. Now that they are, the pressure is off. Sure, we have some things to do, but are out of money to do anything too involved (heating system, air conditioning, new tires on my car, etc.) for several months. So, time to sit back, relax, have some iced coffee, read some books, play some video games, etc., while working on things which take marginal amounts of money – pulling the fence posts or trimming trees requires only a small amount of fuel for equipment.


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