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Mega photo blog update

Posted By on July 1, 2007

Some of the goings-on in my life captured in pictures (with plenty of kitten pics).

The cats see a rabbit. Mikey likes being outside… as does Arthur. Arthur gets tired being outside all day. Mikey is still a Momma’s boy. So, I was putting together some bookshelves, got them all together, then tried to lift them into place. My hand slipped and the shelves came crashing down… right onto my toe. I have to be honest – I’ve never had that much blunt force trauma before – it hurts. I vastly prefer slipping with a knife and cutting myself – it’s a much sharper, more easily mending pain. Liz’s bear finally came in, and we got it all set up on the railing. We’re going to rig up a “skirt” for under the head, so the insulation doesn’t show anymore. Mikey has become quite the little hunter – I have to go around with a bucket two or three times a week picking up the carnage. He’s basically tried every type of critter around which he can realistically catch, including…. a snake. Toby does not like to go outside. He just stays on my desk and make sure the papers don’t levitate away. He also likes to sleep on my iPod, for some reason. Aside from the occasional bird, Arthur doesn’t really seem to like to hunt much either, but he did find this little fellow… The thing is, Arthur didn’t hurt him at all. He was just carrying him around like a kitten… but he wasn’t being mean. He just would snuggle up to the bunny and when it would try to run away, it would bop it on the head. It’s kind of hard to read him – I don’t know if he wasn’t hungry and was just playing with the bunny as part of a predatory instinct, or if he’s so domesticated that he treated the rabbit as a fellow pet ( and tell me that their cats and rabbits get along). Still, the rabbit was petrified, and when Mikey decided to join in the fun, Liz and I decided to bring the cats in and make sure the bunny was uninjured. It was, and we let it scamper off. Now, we have also seen some good eating sized rabbits, and once I have a decent recipe for them, we’ll probably take some for food. Of course, this is also predicated upon getting my 10/22 sighted in for 31gr JHP ammo, as opposed to the 40gr lead I had zeroed it with before. I had it shooting quite well at 75 yards with that ammo, but with this lighter ammo it was about 4 inches high and 6 inches to the right at 50yds. I was trying to pop a woodchuck in the garden. I saw the bullet hit high, so I held low and fired again (it froze, presenting me with an excellent opportunity for a followup shot. I fired, and clean missed, and then it was gone. I checked where the second one hit and the elevation was right, but it was way right. I hadn’t noticed this before. I adjusted the scope the requisite number of clicks to get me where I want to be, but I haven’t actually tried it yet. I need to hit the range and set it up correctly. While I’m there, I might as well take the opportunity to move the scope forward – it’s too far back for where I place my head. Last week while working, Liz and I saw a doe and her fawn outside the window. Presumably they were headed down to the creek to get a drink. Now, one thing I do not have a picture of is the fox I saw while working on Thursday. The cats were out and I hadn’t seen Arthur in 24 hours, so when I saw the fox I was worried (foxes eat cats, amongst other things). Not having a proper “large varmint” caliber rifle (.22 is good for woodchucks, but too small for fox), I grabbed the AK and headed out the door. Now, a .30 cal bullet is probably overkill for a fox at 25 yards, but it would work. However, by the time I got the rifle and was out the door, the fox had scampered off. I stalked around trying to find him, but no such luck. Anyway, I’m off to bed. I’ll try and post more about what I’ve been doing (basically living the country lifestyle, as well as guns issues, what’s going on with my pistol permit, etc.) later on this week. I’m trying to get the house cleaned up for a cookout I want to have this weekend, and made a lot of progress on that, but there is always more to do. One thing worth mentioning – I was able to sit and play video games (Red Steel on the Wii) for the first time since we bought the house (though I might have played Zelda: Twilight Princess a bit while it was still snowy… I don’t recall).


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