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Interesting morning

Posted By on June 13, 2007


The cats went nuts around 3am, and were hissing and carrying on. I could hear something moving out by the garage, so I grabbed the SAR-1 and a flashlight (really need to get myself a surefire, or that new one which is like 400 lumens) and went to the window to investigate. Someone was out front, I kid you not, eating on my front lawn. I called out, and he looked up, and I realized that this guy was messed up. He was eating a rabbit, and looked like death warmed over. I went back into the house, locked the door, woke Liz and started to close the windows. By then he was shambling over to the deck. I had flipped on the lights on the porch and could get a better look and something clicked… “Zombie”. Ran to an open window, put two rounds into his head at about 3m and he went down. Looked like a lone actor, but I'm not sure. I left the lights on, closed the windows, and secured everything as best as I could until daylight.

Tactically, I'm in an odd situation. We have food, water, clear fields of fire. On the downside, half my guns are still in Rhode Island (thanks NY State!), which leaves me with only one serious rifle. I've got a .22 which is good out to 100 yards, but I only have 500 rounds of HV hollowpoints, plus another 500 of match grade wolf. I have a pile of 7.62×39 to keep the AK going, but I wish I had picked up that polytech SKS at the gun store last week. We have a 12ga shotgun too, but I only have about 200 shells for it, and only 50 in 0 or 00 buck.

I'm hearing scattered shots coming from around, but that isn't unusual. I have to head out and try to make contact with the neighbors, make sure my flanks are protected. I'll write back when I can.


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