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Posted By on June 12, 2007

For all the gamers (hat tip to

JPFO info on Red's Trading Post, a gun store fighting the BATFE. Their paperwork is 99.6% correct, with issues like not making sure that customers write “Yes” instead of “Y”. They have a blog here. Of interest here is the bullying tactics. The more they fight, the more the BATFE harasses them.

Make Congress read the bills they pass. The way I see it, this would serve two purposes . First, congress would write shorter, more easily understood bills because the bills must be read before a physically present quorum of legislators, and they don't want to sit through all that incessant reading of bills. Second, they would have to sign an affidavit saying that they have read and understand the bill, so there can be no “I didn't realize this was in the bill when I voted on it” crap.

Civil Disobedience re: gun rights. Note that I have not read these yet, I am just passing them on.

This guy is of the opinion that the federal government does not have the authority to collect income tax. Now, while I am not going to comment on the veracity of this stance, it seems like this situation is spiraling rapidly out of control – I fear another Waco. Furthermore, just like Waco, this is about taxes (remember – Waco started with a no knock raid about possible unregistered machineguns – the registration of which requires a $200 tax paid to the BATFE. Had they paid this tax, it would have been legal… well, until 1986 when the government decided that what was decided in 1934 (the tax) wasn't good enough and that they were going to ban all new machineguns). Anyway, seriously folks – does someone's refusal to pay taxes really necessitate a siege with countless law enforcement hours? It just seems a little excessive. Furthermore, I cannot deny that I am somewhat moved to go out and help these folks. Problem is, I don't have all the facts, and I have a lot of responsibilities right now. On the other hand, this concerns me because it makes me ask the question “how much will I put up with until I actually stand up to tyranny”. The flip side is, I'm not convinced that this is tyranny. I'm not even convinced that these folks are right. I really need to read up on this whole “the FedGov doesn't have the authority to collect income tax.”. I know they didn't in the beginning, but there has been 200+ years of changes, amendments and tort law which have modified this, and I'm not quite up on all of it.

Anyway, it's reading time.


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