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Job postings

| April 30, 2007

There are some openings at my work:

Web QA Engineer

Web Developer

Some updates

| April 23, 2007

  • I really need to update my book stack. I have actually been reading, just not writing about it.
  • My friends Katie and Chris picked up a great deal of a condo in East Providence (Rumford). If you have the cash and don't mind a bit of real estate speculation, look into Ross Commons – it looks like it might not be a bad way to turn a tidy profit on a 5 year mortgage.
  • The weather here has changed radically – it was snowing a week ago and now it's 80.
  • I need to get out and take some pictures of the property. Hopefully this week. We also need to work in the yard a bit.
  • The heating system is almost done. It's been taking awhile because they keep getting called away to do other emergency jobs. All the snow then the melt has resulted in a lot of flooded basements. However, ours has been perfectly dry.
  • All this gun stuff is pissing me off. Between the new assault weapons ban that the Democrats want to pass (great way to lose control of the house and senate, just like 14 years ago. Morons), plus there's some crap up here in NY (basically a ban on all semi-auto rifles w/ pistol grips), and all the morons are coming out of the woodwork.
  • We've laid out a lot of plans for the property, including an outdoor kitchen and expansion of landscaping down to the creek (making sure to work with it and allow for the varying water levels). Of course, we also need the time and money to do this, so this really will be a lifetime's worth of work. Furthermore, we're talking about redoing the kitchen… which will be in about 15 or 20 years, I'm sure. However, it's a labor of love, and the more time goes by, the more we own it (and the less the bank does…)

Anyway, I need to get some sleep. I just wanted to toss out an update for those that are interested.

Today's computermachine tip

| April 18, 2007

When your machine is memory bound (650M of 768M used, w/ 800M in swap) and therefore slooooowwww, adding a 1GB stick (replaces the 256M module for 1.5GB) makes for a much happier machine. Now, whenever I flip desktops, it doesn't sit there for 30 seconds paging everything back out of swap.

More pics of the house

| April 15, 2007

I took some more pictures of the house.

A little bit of an update

| April 12, 2007

So, the house is progressing. The heating system is almost finished – the new boiler, heat exchanger and duct control system is all in and they're just finishing up.

The new tractor mostly works. The machine itself is great, but recently I've been picking up stones from the gravel driveway in the snowblower which get kind of jammed up in the auger and bust the shear pins (which is better than blowing out the gearbox). So, I rigged up some ancillary brackets to allow the skid plates to be lowered even more, giving me another inch or so of clearance. Sure, it leaves about an inch of snow on the drive, but it doesn't pick up any stones.

Lets see.. other stuff.

I need to do a bunch of rewiring – the electrical in this house is a little strange. Not dangerous, just odd.

I need to pull a bunch of wire. The house isn't wired for cable or cat 5. Luckily, the hung ceiling in the basement makes it pretty easy, and there is a nice gap alongside the chimney which allows me to chase wires up into attic space, and then I can drop down into walls.

I haven't had much of a chance to hit the range yet, though there is one about a mile away. They do trap shoots on Sundays from 12-2, so this weekend I might grab the shotgun and some boxes of shells along with some other stuff (probably the AK and one of the 10-22's) and take them out to the range, see what the facilities are like, maybe get a membership, etc.

Oh, and the water here is phenomenal. It's arguably better than spring water and makes for some amazing coffee.

Anyway, I've had a long day working on the tractor and moving snow, so I think it's about time to turn in.