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| February 27, 2007

We can't close on the house because the sellers are too sick to sign their papers and get them notarized. Therefore, they cannot Fedex them up to NY for the closing. So, it's pushed off for a week.

I am not amused.

Video game update

| February 25, 2007

In my New Year's post I mentioned that I was going to try and play more video games, and that I wasn't going to use Wine, because it was too unreliable. responded and says that Wine has gotten a lot better. Consequently, I will now be testing every Windows game on Wine before I start to play it under Windows.

The first test is Diablo (the original one). It installed fine, as did the expansion, but then I went to play it and the screen is all black. It appears that the menu is there but not being displayed. However, this basically means that you can't start the game.

So, I'm playing it on the Wintendo.

Then I got distracted by Destroy all Humans 2, and started playing that. Now that I've beaten it, I'll likely go back to Diablo.

Wedding pics

| February 23, 2007

I don't have pics available of the wedding itself, since those were taken by the photographer and he owns the copyright. However, here are collections of the after-wedding breakfast, the reception, the rehearsal dinner, and us taking pictures with guns like people did in times gone by.

Link to pics

More pics

| February 22, 2007

These are pics from a trip I took took California on business, but we took a couple of extra days, went to the beach and stopped off at Universal Studios.

Posted kitty pictures

| February 22, 2007

As promised, here they are

Random kitten pics

| February 21, 2007

For , some pics of Arthur: And for general enjoyment: Toby being cute I guess we see who wears the pants in this family… Mikey and Toby. Also, since I’ve finally clevered out this “export photo album to HTML” feature, I will probably (finally) be getting around to posting pics of the wedding, honeymoon, some shots from some time I spend in California, stuff on kittens, computers, and other misc projects. I will post links as I chew through them.

Guns that were new a couple of months ago..

| February 21, 2007

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Hey folks. These are some guns that I bought some months ago and am only now getting around to posting pictures.

Armscor AK22, Browning Buck Mark, and Ruger 10/22 stainless. Now, the browning and the ruger are basically .22 “proxies” for guns which cost more to shoot. AK and proxy 1911 and proxy Collection of my .22’s

Catching up on pictures

| February 21, 2007

So, in the dusty corners of my hard drive, I found these photos of a super badass quilt made by for Liz and I as a wedding present. I don't recall if I posted them before or not.

House pics

| February 19, 2007

We took some pics of the house the last time we were there.

Shooty things

| February 19, 2007

For those with an interest in history and firearms. These were found in the house of a friend's grandfather who passed away recently.

An interesting and varied collection of firearms