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Random bits

| December 26, 2006

(1) We're watching the pilot of “The Lone Gunmen” and a bunch of government agents are planning to get congress to appropriate them some money by flying a plane into the world trade center.

(2) I got the big DeWalt power tool kit and a vacuum packer thingamajigger.

(3) You don't need a Core 2 Duo CPU to get the nice Intel VT technology – some of the Pentium D 9xx series chips come with it. Have a look. The 920 is about half the price of a a low-end Core 2 Duo.

(4) I also got a copy of Call of Duty 3 (or maybe Call to Duty.. not sure). Anyway, it is smart and autosaves the game at checkpoints about every couple of minutes. When you exit the game, then load the level back up, you continue from that save point, not from the end of the level, like you do in Red Steel, which is stupid.

Survival, stupidity, and Windows Vista suckage

| December 22, 2006

Most of these are from slashdot, but for those folks who don't read slashdot…

Decent site on surviving in the woods:

Idiot tries to hire hackers to change his college records:

Except they post the whole content on their website (use this mirror, the other one is slow): This is the original article:

Windows Vista DRM imposes onerous requirements on… everyone:

HPV Commercial

| December 19, 2006

Did you know that cervical cancer can be caused by a virus?


I had no idea.

Then you're a fucktard. Get the hell off of my television.

Catholics, weddings, and other random bits.

| December 17, 2006

My cousin got herself hitched yesterday. Very nice wedding. Small, simple, elegant. When the worst amount of drama is when my aunt's “Mother of the Bride” dress has a train and the Bride's dress doesn't, you know you're doing well.

Oh, and the best man was bringing the groom to the Church and his car broke down. Luckily, someone else was following them and they all piled in.

And my cousin didn't hear the priest say “You may kiss the bride” (the priest didn't use the microphone), so Chris (the groom) looked confused and then gave her a peck on the cheek because she was facing the wrong direction. It's okay – we had them make up for it at the reception.

Anyway, Catholics.. So, we're at this wedding and it comes time for holy communion. Now, my wedding was a Lutheran ceremony, and it was a fairly typical “We invite all of those who believe in Jesus Christ and his message to come forth and receive communion and those who don't are welcome to come up and receive a blessing” – as inclusionary as you're going to get from most mainline Christianity, right?

Not this guy. His was something akin to – “We realize at times like this people come from all over, including non-Christians and Christians of other denominations, and we ask that only the Catholics come forward to receive holy communion”.

In other words, if you're not Catholic, sucks to be you!

My father called out bullshit (literally, under his breath, but loud enough that folks 2 rows ahead of us could hear it). Needless to say, the church saved money on the host this mass, because all of a dozen people (out of perhaps 50) went up to receive communion.

The reception was nice, though we left about 5 songs into the dancing (Electric Slide, ChaCha Slide, YMCA, Stayin' Alive, Dancing Queen… you get the picture). Since there was nothing we could dance to (a nice waltz, maybe just something slow, requiring a modicum of learning, and NOT DISCO), Liz and I buggered off, and restored balance to the universe by listening to hair bands all the way home.

In other news, the Nintento Wii is fairly impressive. However, it tends to eat batteries. I bought a couple dozen AA 2600mAh NiMH batteries and have just been changing them when the battery meter reads about halfway charged (perhaps 8 hours of play). In general, the system seems to work well, and most of the Wii sports games are a decent workout. Other games, such as Red Steel, are less of a workout, but you're still using the new features of the controllers. Liz and I primarily have been playing lots of cooperative doubles tennis, which is fun.

I want to say there is something else, though it escapes me at the moment. Oh well. I'm off to make omelettes (mushroom, onion, tomato and cheese, done in the tri-fold style where you only cook it on one side and the center is just barely set…).

Random entropy from my cranial mass….

| December 7, 2006

(1) Re: John Edwards railing against Wal-Mart for not paying it's workers' health care.

It seems to me that the issue here is with the socialized medicine issue. Wal-Mart isn't taxing me to pay for these people's health care – the government is. All Wal-Mart is doing is making use of the system. Seems to me that gaming the system is the essence of capitalism.

(2) Libertarianism

I'm having some moral issues with the fact that, at the local level, it seems like Libertarian philosophy can run counter to community self-determination. So, I'm thinking that perhaps Anti-Federalism might be the way to go. You get the strict constructionist and strong states' rights view, while still allowing local comminities the freedom to do things like make schools and roads. However, the Wikipedia entry leads one to the Democratic-Republican Party entry, and I think THAT might be the way to go. So, I'm thinking I'm going to start identifying myself as a Jeffersonian…