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Posted By on March 14, 2006

Because did one here, and I figured I'd chime in.

What is your stand on…..

Abortion?: It's a hot button issue. Therefore, the federal government should stay out of it. It's a states issue. I applaud the South Dakota decision, because it is a states rights issue.

Additionally, as a guy, it pisses me off because you have no say – you want to have the kid and she doesn't? Tough. You don't want to have the kid and she does? Tough.

How do I feel about it personally? I would not endorse it now, but would have it I was in college. I have no qualms about killing things which negatively effect my life, as long as I won't go to jail. So, if it's legal, I would do it. This may make me a sociopath. I am very comfortable with that.

Death Penalty? I have no ethical problem with this; however I do have one if the people weren't really guilty. Since the system isn't 100% foolproof, I don't quite know how to reconcile the two. So, it should be a community (read state) issue.

However, I am a firm believer in the “immediate death penalty” consequence of breaking into my house.

Prostitution?: Private party transactions of services should not be illegal. You want to call it a public health issue and license/regulate it? Fine. However, ultimately it's a town/county/state issue, and should be dealt with as such – as it currently is. So, while I disagree with the law, the majority of folks seem to agree on it, so I accept it.

Alcohol?: The drinking age being 21 is federally sponsored blackmail. If a state doesn't have a 21 drinking age, they lose some amount of federal highway funds that they might otherwise have gotten. This is crap. It is a state issue, and the states should decide it without federal intervention.

Marijuana?: I feel the same way about it as I do about Alcohol, and think that the federal gov't should step off. My state made it legal for medical use.

Other drugs? Legalize them all. Black market goes away. If you want to regulate them under the pure food and drug act, do so. Now, the number one thing I get as a response when I state this position is “well, but then they get sick and we end up paying for their treatment, through doctor's bills or taxes”. This, of course, is a problem with the health care system and social welfare system, NOT drugs.

Gay marriage?: Should be allowed. This IS a federal issue because of the reciprocity thing – all states need to recognize all other states marriages, so this is one of the few things which I will say is a federal issue.

Illegal immigrants?: Declare general amnesty for everyone here. Open the borders for anyone new. If you are a criminal in your home country, and it's something that's illegal here, then piss off. Otherwise, come on in. If you try to jump the border, you are a foreign invader, and will be shot. Now, the common responses are: (Q) But they're taking our jobs! (A) Welcome to the free market. Be better than they are, work for less, find another one. (Q) But they're a drain on our social system! (A) Which shouldn't exist in the first place. Not a problem with immigrants, it's a problem with the social systems.

Smoking?: Let the free market decide. Restaurants had smoking/non-smoking sections, which grew/shrank based upon the demands of the patrons. As far as work goes, it is up to the owner/employer. My boss wouldn't allow smoking, even if it wasn't illegal.

Drunk driving?: Lose your license. No equivocation there. I never drive if I've had a drink, even one, unless a couple hours have passed.

Cloning?: No problem. Any partial clones (organs, even up to a full body sans brain) are property. Full clones are real people, just like twins. One thing worth mentioning is that one cannot stop progress – if we don't want to do this in the US, someone else will, and we're naieve if we think otherwise.

Racism?: It's there, but not to the extent that Jesse Jackson, et. al. make it out to be. You cannot counter it via government intervention, however.

Premarital sex?: Yes, please.

Religion?: Not for me, but if you like it, then go for it. I consider it rude to try to force it on someone, but it shouldn't be illegal. However, if you try to commit violence in the name of your religion, that doesn't excuse that violence, and I'll shoot you.

The war in Iraq?: Should have been played as a war of liberation, or a war of conquest, not a war against terrorism or a search for WMD's. I can respect the first two; the others just seem weak. I think it will take longer than many people expected, but I think that may not be a bad thing – after all, a strong US presence in the middle east is not a bad thing.

Bush?: I think his handlers make him out to be more of an idiot than he really is. When he's being candid, he doesn't sound quite so dumb as when he's doing prepared speeches. However, doesn't trusting the handlers that make you sound like an idiot kind of make you an idiot?

Downloading music?: Stupid, ambiguous question. Downloading music is not inherently illegal. Downloading it without the copyright holder's permission is. That said, I think that not allowing people to download your music (or at least samples of it) is stupid. Radio is dead, iTunes is where it's at, and trust that your listeners who have money will buy your music. The people who steal music (meaning download it, without permission, and then not buying the album (obliterating the “sampling” defense) or deleting it) typically don't have money to pay for it. That doesn't make it right, but I think folks would appreciate it more if you trusted them.

The legal drinking age?: See alcohol. Don't waste my time.

Porn?: Porn is funny.

Suicide?: If you're willing to punch out, then why not use that same resignation to attempt to affect radical change in your life? Just pick up and go. But, if that's really what you want to do, then I don't really have a problem with it – just don't do it impulsively, or leave a mess.


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