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Amnesty International on Guns

| March 31, 2006

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This is excerpted from an article entitled “The Global War on Guns” in this month's American Rifleman.

I'd often wondered how one can justify stopping people from being ably to defend themselves against attackers, specifically related to the genocide in Africa. You know, all this stuff about stopping the arms trade into the region. This quote explains it all:

“We at Amnesty International are not going to condone the escalation of the flows of arms to the region… You are empowering (the victims) to create an element of retaliation. Fighting fire with fire is not the solution to genocide. It is a dangerous proposition to arm the minorities to fight back. Whenever you create a sword fight by letting the poor people fight back and give them arms, it creates an added element of complexity. You do not know what the results will be.”

Because apparently genocide is preferable to uncertainty.

Change in focus

| March 28, 2006

So, I've gotten pretty burnt on Shadowrun. I literally sat there a couple nights and just couldn't come up with any ideas for more plot. So, the gaming group is still gaming, just trying to come up with something else to play.

So, in other news, I'm:

  • Taking up reloading
  • Playing some more games with Liz (CCG's, etc.)
  • Having more time to read
  • Working on my BattleCAD mech design software

The nice thing about these is that they're more fluid that running an RPG – no one is depending on me, so they can come and go at my whim, and I can go whichever I feel like.

A different tack (for me anyway) on gun rights

| March 27, 2006

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So, I'm thinking of taking a different tack on the gun debate. Rather than harping on the second amendment, I'm thinking of taking a “moral high ground” approach, as follows:

(1) Defending oneself from being a victim of crime is a fundamental human right,

(2) Given (1) (which I would think few people can dispute), then removing, limiting, or otherwise restricting the means by which an individual exercises that right represents a fundamental human rights violation.

(3) Therefore it follows that a vast majority of world governments, and indeed the UN itself is culpable in being a large human rights abuser.

Opinions on this approach?

FLGR -> SLGR changes

| March 25, 2006


Guide rod length doesn't make any difference at all. When manually working the slide, you can feel a bit of wiggle in the spring, but when firing, it doesn't feel very different.

targets Both 25′, aimed. First is 3 10 round mags, second is 1 10 rounds mag.

1911 changes

| March 23, 2006

Before Before After After. Yes, I changed out the full length rod for a short one, as per original JMB spec. For the curious, I’ve been reading a lot about the full length vs. standard length guide rod debate, so I figured I’d spend $10 on a replacement guide rod and plug and see if I notice a difference. Opinions welcome.


| March 23, 2006

Lizzy is away, so I thought I'd take pictures of the kitties to show her what they do in her absence. Once I had them, I figured I'd share.

Arthur Git in the kitchen and make me a sammich! Mikey I know where you sleep. Toby Mrrow? Toby Got to catch the food! (He pulls out bits of kibble from the bowl and chases them around the kitchen, then eats them).

Fighting zombies on a budget

| March 20, 2006

This was originally an article on the Zombie Squad forums, but you have to login to see it, so I grabbed the content and chucked it on to my homepage.


Bloody pheasants!

| March 20, 2006

So, as some of you know, I live across the street from a farm where they raise pheasants for people to hunt. Since pheasants fly, they like to come visit. In this case, it decided to eat some of the birdseed that the neighbors put out.


Cedar Plank Salmon

| March 18, 2006

My Dad got me some cedar grilling planks when they were down south. It might sound odd, but you soak the plank and then put the meat on it and put it on the grill. It struck me as kind of funny because one does not think of cedar as a grilling wood. However, we did some salmon on it tonight and it's really quite good. So, if you ever have a chance to try it, I highly recommend it.

Rhode Island Law Stupidity

| March 14, 2006

Edit: Apparently, they don't allow direct linking, so I downloaded the pdf and put it here.

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They want to limit folks to one handgun purchase every 30 days.

Anyone in the state, contact your Reps.