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Posted By on December 29, 2005

Sabin sent me the following:

matt, What does your new religion of “don’t-be-a-dick-ianity” say about this behavior? ‘Honor’ killings shock Pakistan sabin

To which I replied:

My religion doth state: ——————— While Western civilization is not without it’s black marks in this regard (adulteress == witch, scarlet lettering, etc.), enourmous strides have been made in the past couple centuries towards curbing this type of behavior. Similarly, the Chinese and Japanese cultures have had changes in the cultural ideas as “women as property” and the cultural ramifications of adultery/virginity/etc. Now, while it is unfair to judge a whole culture by the actions of one man (and indeed, one who is being prosecuted for his crimes), there is most definitely a strong opinion of women as property and second-class citizens in the Arab world (nicely addressed by an episode of “American Dad” where Stan gets stationed in Saudi Arabia). Indeed, many Muslims (both men and women) are of the opinion that treating men and women equally is a bad thing from a cultural and societal perspective. In this regard (the treatment of women), I think that Western civilization, non-Muslim Eastern Civilization, and, hell, basically the rest of the world, while not necessarily perfect, is vastly superior to Muslim civilization. This may make me a cultural bigot. I am perfectly comfortable with this. ———————- Now, with regards to this specific individual, I think two in the chest and one in the head will suffice. Carry on.

Discuss, if you like.


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