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Posted By on December 13, 2005

Some items in the news which I feel are worthy of some discussion.

  • Yet another study which says that video games desensitise people to images of violence. For the time being, let’s just ignore whether or not this is accurate, and assume that it is. What is so bad about that? Maybe this is a balancing factor for the ongoing pussification of America. You know, the whole “violence is not the answer/take back the night but no one should have guns” crowd. Maybe it’s just me, and I grew up in a more rural area, and am close enough to the cycle of life to be aware of it. I look at the Peta “meat is murder, look at these poor animals” and I don’t feel anything other than a rumble of hunger in my stomach, because dead animals are good.
  • I’ve been listening to AM talk radio on the way home. One of the shows is the Randi Rhodes show. She (and everyone else) is talking about the “Cycle of Death”, because of this Stanley Williams fellow, who started the Cripps and was executed for some murders he committed twenty years ago. I guess that her basic idea is that since he’s written a few children’s books while on death row, somehow he’s redeemed himself and has some value now, and killing him hasn’t gotten us anything else. I have a slightly different take on it: HE KILLED FOUR PEOPLE. For this he was sentenced to die. It is only because of the architecture of our criminal justice system that he sat on death row for twenty years. (I’m avoiding using words like “inefficiency” here, because I don’t have any suggestions on how to improve it. Suffice to say that the nature of it causes there to be a lag from when someone is sentenced to death and when the sentence is carried out). If our system was a little quicker, he wouldn’t have had a chance to write these nice books. However, I’m sure that if that was the case, they would have found something else to complain about with it. Maybe how the justice system is racially biased because the majority of people convicted of crimes are black. Maybe because more black people (for whatever reasons) commit crimes? But no, you can’t say that, that’s politically incorrect.
  • The other thing that Ms. Rhodes said was something to the effect of “The world isn’t going to let us get away with our invasion of Iraq, and China/Russia/etc. are going to come and attack us”. I call bullshit, for a couple reasons. First, I don’t think they care. They have enough to worry about. Second, it would be suicide. It would be as bad as it would have been if we had invaded the Japanese Home Islands in WWII. Hell, it probably would be worse, because we folks in the US are ARMED, wheras the Japanese weren’t.
  • Ms. Rhodes also was talking about how much this war was costing, and how bad the deficit is, and how much the Republicans are costing the country, and similar. Now, she’s right, it is costing us a lot. However, in the previous breath, she was talking about how the evil Republicans want to cut back on food stamps, education, medicare, etc. Let’s break it down, shall we? – The constitution says that the government has the right to wage war. – The constitution makes NO provisions for education, welfare, medicare, and all this other socialist shit. Ergo, the Republicans are actually spending money in line with the constitution. Now, that said, I tend to agree that we’re spending too much money, but I think that we could cut our defense budget in half simply by good accounting packages. According to some statistics on a GAO report which I read, none of the various facets of the DoD can actually account for what money they spend from their budgets. If this is to be believed, it’s something like three quarters of our federal budget, where we have no idea where it went, aside from “to the DoD”. We, as taxpayers, need to demand more.

I think that's it for now.


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