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Posted By on December 7, 2005

  • I’ve started listening to Rant Radio at work. It is interesting and amusing. I highly recommend it, though one should utilize headphones, because they tend to curse a lot.
  • I’ve started watching Patrolling with Sean Kennedy, which is sort of a “modern survivalist” sort of show. For example, the show I’m watching now is doing a segment on boots, what type of boots to buy, how to choose boots, etc. The previous episode has a section on pants. Anyway, I recommend it. The second season is torrents, which are pretty scalable, but the first season is straight download, so to save the nice mirror guy’s bandwidth, if anyone wants a copy of it, I can burn them a DVD of it (it’s about 2GB) if you drop by my house to pick it up.
  • I’ve modified my AK according to the instructions here, because it has a lot of trigger slap (the trigger comes back and hits your finger when the bolt cycles and it chambers the next round). Now, this was actually pretty easy. The downside to it is that if I screwed it up, the disconnector could fail to catch the hammer which could lead to a slam-fire (which happens when the round is fired before it is fully seated in the barrel) which could do such nasty things as destroy my rifle and kill me. Anyway, I don’t think that this will happen, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. However, I will start with single shots – the idea being that if the disconnector doesn’t catch the hammer, I would be happier if it falls on an empty chamber than on a live round, you know?
  • Anyway, I’ve taken a liking to paintball scenario games. Large games (300+ people), with lots of large scale maneuvering, recon, strategy, and all that stuff. The last one I went to featured lots of folks with very military looking rifles. Come to find out, there’s a whole subculture of people devoted to this stuff. So, I figured I’d try my hand at making a paintball version of my AK, without too much effort. Paintball gun and real gun So, the basic gun is a Tippmann A5, which has a quasi MP5 look to it. If you remove the foregrip, and add a stock (yeah, it’s sort of an MP5 style stock, but it’s the best I could get) and a BT AK-47 barrel. It points well, and looks the part. I thought about putting an empty magazine on it. I picked up a polymer Pro-Mag, but the mag wants to be where the pressure regulator is, and I couldn’t come up with a way to make it fit all nicely, I could get a bracket and mount it forward of the pressure regulator as many folks do, but that screws up the ergonomics of the rifle, because the mag is too far forward. It is actually lighter than the AK, but once you add tank and hopper, it ends up being a little heavier. Paintball gun with tank and hopper When you add the tank and hopper, it doesn’t spoil the lines too much.
  • I’ve been thinking that Liz and I should try to get out and hike more. I feel a lot less stressed with my job, and have started to become restless. I need to get some cargo bars for my car, so that I can borrow my parents’ kayaks and explore the little lakes and tributaries around northern RI. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to go hike around as well. Maybe I should pick up a cheap used GPS on eBay and do the geocaching thing? Or, maybe I should just take a compass and hike. I had a compass, I should probably find it. Heh, errant thought. Anyone want to join me? We can call it “Hike Club”. 😉
  • Liz was watching Oprah. This woman was on where she divorced her husband and he came back, stabbed her something like 50+ times, then strangled both the kids. Now, aside from how tragic this is, I can think of two anti-gun responses: (1) That’s horrible! We should ban knives! (2) It’s a good thing he didn’t have a gun, otherwise, she’d be dead, because she would have been shot! No one has actually said this, but neither would have surprised me. Oh, and stabbing people is basically as deadly as shooting them. Shooting them just has longer range, and doesn’t require a lot of physical strength.
  • Speaking of shooting, I managed to hurt myself shooting this weekend. I got a chance to fire a Smith and Wesson Model 500. This fires bullets that looks like this. Now, that’s a bullet that is 1/2 inch wide, in a casing over an inch long, full of powder. Anyway, it was so powerful, and I was holding it so tight, that I managed to pull the muscles on the back of my hand – you know the muscles that you use to make a tight fist. This has never happened to me before, and is a little disconcerting. But then again, that gun was basically a round almost as powerful as a rifle, with nothing to eat up the recoil (such as a bunch of moving parts which chamber the last round). Just a little nuts.
  • I bought new shoes this weekend. It was a “buy one, get one half price” deal, so I got some slippers too. I feel old, since they’re Dr. Scholl’s, which makes me think “orthopedic”. But, man are they comfortable. I need to buy socks, too. And underwear. I guess I’ll have to head to Target or something. I should probably clean and polish my boots, too. They look like crap.
  • We have 5 foot long animatronic deer on our lawn now. Liz wanted them, because she likes them. Each one has 300 little lights on it, and they move. I’ll try and grab pictures some evening. I had already taken my coat and shoes off, so I didn’t do it tonight.
  • Lobsters amuse me. What better thing to do than take a bunch of territorial arachnids and stack them in a tank. That must drive them nuts.
  • Elk meatloaf is yummy, especially when Liz makes it.


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